Video Production RFP: Mastering the Request for Proposal Process (with Template)


Thinking about creating your first video can be overwhelming.

You have to consider the storyboard, logistics, shooting and editing—not to mention all the post-production efforts as well. That’s why so many companies turn to different video production companies to produce high-quality video content.

But how do you know which video production company is right for you?

That’s where a video production request for proposal (RFP) comes in. A video production request for proposal is a document that outlines your video and invites prospective agencies or video production companies to bid and submit to be considered for your project.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a sample video production RFP and provide a template for you to use when creating a customized one for your company. To sanity-check the RFP responses you get, you can consult our video production pricing sheet.

Why a Video Production RFP Can Be Necessary

The video production RFP process can be a critical one for businesses attempting to source video agencies for a large project when they don’t have a pre-existing relationship with a vendor or have not found one through a referral. There are 4,900+ video production companies across the United States. How do you know which is right for you?

Video production RFPs might take a few minutes to set up. However, the data you collect from them can be invaluable when selecting a new video agency. And most importantly, video marketing agencies are used to submitting them. An average agency submitted 137 RFPs last year to be considered for various projects.

The benefits of using a video production RFP include:

  • Comprehensive Data - You can review potential video production partners and understand if they are right for your video’s needs.
  • Standardization - Every video production agency and vendor is evaluated using the same criteria.
  • More Time - You won’t have to aggressively search for the right video production agency and evaluate their terms. Instead, you can let the companies pitch you and submit to be considered.
  • Consolidated Efforts - Mostly all of your questions can be answered through an RFP and easily shared with the right departments who have a stake in the video-making process.

With a video production RFP process, you can get your project in front of ideal video production companies and let the bidders impress you with their offerings.

But what exactly should you put in your video production RFP?

4 Components for a Successful Video Production RFP


Every RFP is a little bit different, however, there are basic elements that are commonly found in every video production RFP.

Here are four components that are necessary to create a winning video production RFP for your next project.

1. Background Company Information

It’s your first impression. Why not try and impress your potential partner? The opening of every RFP needs to explain what your company does.

This information should be positioned to pique the interest of your potential partner and show the validity of your company. Remember: you want to impress the companies you’re seeking a proposal from. This is your time to make them want to work with you.

Most importantly, this will help the potential vendor understand your company and values. They need to understand if they are a good fit for you as well.

Critical information that you should put in this section includes:

  • Company Mission - This should highlight your vision and values.
  • Product/Service Overview - Pitch them on your product, so they understand what you’re selling. Highlight your value propositions and what sets you apart.
  • Company History - Are you a startup or an established business?
  • Leadership Team - Who is on the team powering the business?

With the proper background information, you’ll present a cohesive first impression and kick off your video production RFP in the best possible way.

2. Essential Video Project Information

Now that you have provided an overview of your company, it’s time to highlight the project details. This is the section that is required to make sure that your video is executed correctly and delivered in the way you prefer.

Without carefully stating the exact specifications of what type of video you’re seeking, companies will not understand if they can properly deliver and provide the final result you need.

Critical information that you should put in this section includes:

  • Video Overview - This section should include a few sentences that provide a high-level overview of what the video project entails.
  • Video Objective - What are you trying to achieve with this video? Is it a recruitment video, explainer video, case study video, or something else?
  • Style of Video - Are you looking for an animated video, live-action video, product-demo video, or another style of video?
  • Target Audience - Who is the intended audience for the video?
  • Video Creative Brief - What is the stylistic vision for the video? What are your brand guidelines?
  • Project Deliverables - What is the end result you are looking for?
  • Video Specs - Should the video be a certain length? Do you require varying sizes? Should specific audio, voiceovers, or transitions be included?
  • Video Distribution Plan - How will you be releasing the video? Will it be published on specific channels?
  • Timeline - When should the project be completed by? What are the required checkpoints, milestones, and due dates for this project?
  • Assets Provided - What will you provide the vendor with in order to complete the project? This could include brand guidelines, a script, video creative brief, storyboard, and more.

It’s important to be as thorough as possible. Video project details can always change, but the scope of work should mostly stay the same. This will provide standardization across all applicants and make sure there is a level playing field to evaluate all bidders.

3. Proposal Submission Data

Now it’s time to provide video production companies with the chance to fill out the proposal to win your business.

In this section, you’ll request critical video production information from potential vendors that you’ll use when evaluating. It’s best to start by considering your own selection criteria and building your questions around that information.

Critical information that you should put in this section includes:

  • Business Information - Provide an overview of your video production company and how you can help create high-quality video content.
  • Team Structure - Who will be the team members that are working on bringing this video to life?
  • Notable Client Work - What previous videos can you provide that highlight your skills?
  • Testimonials - What quotes and endorsements can you share from existing clients who have used you for video services?
  • Client References - Who could the company call and speak with regarding your previous work?
  • Projected Start Date and Timeline - Provide key checkpoints, milestones, and when you think you can kick off the project.
  • Price - How much will you charge to complete the project?

4. Your Company Contact Information

The last component of the RFP is your company’s contact information.

Where should they submit the RFP? Who is the point of contact if they have any questions?

If you don’t want vendors sending their video production RFP to an email inbox, consider using an online portal. This can help you to sort and review all your RFPs in one consolidated place. Approximately 43% of RFPs are submitted in an online portal.

In addition, consider providing the main contact at your company for this video project with relevant contact information for questions. In this section, you can also outline the selection process and when you anticipate you will have a decision.

Sample Video Production RFP Template

To save you time, we’ve outlined a sample video production RFP template for you to customize.

Copy and paste the information below and begin personalizing it so your video production RFP fits your business goals:




Product / Service Overview:



Video Project Overview:

Video Project Objective:

Type of Video:

Target Audience:

Video Creative Brief:

Project Deliverables:

Video Specs:

Video Distribution Plan:


Brand Assets Provided:


Business Information:

Team Structure:

Notable Client Work:


Client References:



Thank you for considering this video project for our company. Please submit the completed proposal by [DATE] to the contact below:




Perfecting Your Video Production RFP Process

Finding the right professional video company to make your next masterpiece doesn’t have to suck all of your time away.

Instead, a video production RFP can streamline the selection process and source qualified candidates with relevant experience for specific projects you’re trying to execute.

By putting a video production RFP in the market and making a request, you will be able to compile, evaluate and select video production partners who can make a final product that meets your team’s objectives.

Need help with your next video? Reach out to Levitate Media to start planning your next video masterpiece with qualified professionals today.