What Is a Video Promo and How Can You Create One for Your Small Business?

What is a video promo used for? And what’s the difference between a promo video and a really good promo video? Today, we’ll dive into these questions and more (so keep on reading!).

What Exactly Is a Video Promo?

The simplest explanation is that promotional videos are a marketing strategy used specifically to promote a sale, event, or other sorts of publicity.

This type of video marketing can be used to emphasize your product or service, but they don’t explore its features and functionality in the same way that an explainer video or product video does. That isn’t the goal here. Instead, the purpose of this video content is to act as a teaser to entice your viewers to want to learn more.

Let’s imagine you’re a car detailer, and you’re throwing a 50th-anniversary bash with 50% off paint correction and polishing. A good way for your marketing team to promote this is to create a promo video that showcases your offer and includes the details and dates of the sale.

What Makes a Promo Video So Effective?

Let’s just say coupons, promo codes, and discounts all have a major impact on customer buying habits. Before making a purchase in 2020, 92% of online customers looked for a coupon code. Not only that, but 86% of Millennials agreed that a coupon discount could actually encourage them to switch brands.

In fact, a study by Paul Zak, a neuroeconomics researcher at Claremont Graduate University, looked at the neurophysiological impact of discounts on shoppers using an online shopping site and came up with some interesting results.

  • Oxytocin levels increased by 38%
  • Respiration rates were 32% lower
  • Heart rates were 5% slower

When subjects were given a coupon, their levels of oxytocin (a hormone associated with emotions such as happiness, love, and trust) increased. Surprisingly, receiving a coupon resulted in a higher increase in oxytocin than receiving a gift or engaging in activities such as cuddling or kissing!

Plus, promo video ads are a fun and engaging way to connect with your target audience and share information that you want them to remember. Consider all of the commercials you see in the run-up to holiday events, as well as flash sales from major brands promoting their own deals.

Not to mention you can share your own video in so many places. From email marketing to podcasts, LinkedIn, and Facebook ads – the opportunities are endless.

  • Your website or YouTube video (as well as your landing pages)
  • Small-business social media video pages
  • Digital marketing ads

Basically, your video should be wherever your product or event is being promoted.

What Separates a Promo Video From a Truly Great and Effective Promo Video?

Keep your focus: Organizing a sale or event? What features does it have? Remember who, what, where, when, and why (and how!).

CTA: A strong CTA at the end of a promotional video is key. Sign up now! Use coupon code XYZ!

Have a few versions: Don’t bore your audience with the same video on multiple platforms. Change things up a little by having multiple versions of the same promo.

Add music: The right music will set the tone for your promotional video and pique customers’ interest. Sound effects can also really enhance a video!

How to Make an Engaging Promo Video

The first step in creating engaging videos that will impress and convert your audience is to plan ahead of time. Consider your objectives. What do you hope to gain from your promotion? You’ll be able to gather the rest of the information, media, and materials you’ll need to move forward and create a professional video if you have that focus first.

Once you have a clear goal in mind, there are a few things you’ll need to do before beginning video production. By that, we mean before you even pick up a pen or sit at your computer to write your script.

First, you’ll want to consider your brand’s voice. If you already have that nailed down, this is where you can write your script and begin storyboarding (storyboarding is where you get into the details of your video, such as camera angles and voiceovers). This step will help you in connecting the dots in your story, serving as a guide for the rest of your team, and making sure that your promotional video truly captures your vision.

Consider hiring a professional video production company for high-quality video creation, taking the burden off your shoulders. They can also provide professional feedback on your video ideas. However, keep in mind that the length of your video may influence how much it costs to create (if pricing is an issue, you might want to keep it as a short video). If its still outside of your budget, there are always free online video makers and/or promo video templates available – we’ll recommend a few later on in this article!.

Creating Your Video

This is the point at which your story and message begin to take shape. The following are usually what happens in the production/post-production phases:

  • Setup of sound, lighting, and equipment
  • Interviews/Voiceovers
  • Creating b-roll footage
  • Editing
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Final approval
  • Delivery

*Important caveat, you can also make a promo video using animation, in which case several of the steps above would not be needed. These can be particularly helpful if you’re on a tighter schedule or want to create something through animation that would be hard to film.

Promoting Promos

Now comes the exciting part: promoting your promotion! We recognize the irony.

Here are some ideas for promoting your video:

  • Upload your video promo to YouTube and choose an eye-catching thumbnail
  • Send your promotional video to the people on your email list
  • Add share buttons to your video player so that your audience can easily share it
  • Pin your video to the top of your social media platforms

Free Promo Video Makers

As promised earlier in this article, here are a few free video promo makers if you prefer to produce and distribute your promotional video.


Using Animoto, you can choose a storyboard template or start from scratch and you can either upload your own photographs and videos or choose from the Getty Images stock collection. A few features? You can change the colors, music, and fonts, and add your logo to make it your own.


Whether you prefer to use your laptop, PC, phone, or tablet, Bitable is user-friendly on all mediums. To begin, select a template. Choose from a large library of pre-made clips, add your own touches, and tweak until it’s just right. Save, export, or share directly to your social media accounts.


FlexClip allows you to add videos and photos from your computer or stock libraries to the storyboard. You can then personalize your promotional video by including text, music, and voiceover.

Have a promotion coming up and want to use a video promo but don’t want to do it yourself? Contact us today and we’ll assist you from pre-production to post-production, walking you through the entire process!