Mixed Media

Why pick just one style when you can mix it up with mixed media video! Combine stock footage, photos, or even animation styles to create a unique video, tailored to your brand. Achieve an out-of-the-box look with graphics that weave in and out of real live action footage. Explore motion tracking as graphics move through 2D and 3D space - all through mixed media methods.

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Mixed Media Process


Mixed Media videos typically take between 8-12 weeks, beginning with scripting. A script is like the foundation of your video - everything must be built around it.  Once you determine that the messaging is perfect, we’ll begin developing 2-3 styleframes from your script.


A styleframe is a picture that shows you what the rest of your video could look like. You can think of it like a test image - where we can explore what colors, styles, text, characters, and compositions might work best for your video. The overall look and feel of your styleframes will help us craft the rest of your video. We’ll get started by gathering stock images and video, and compositing them with illustrated elements. We’ll ask for feedback on these styleframes to understand what’s working and what isn’t. Once approved, we’ll take that style and apply it across a full storyboard.


A storyboard is a sequence of static pictures that show you what your whole video will look like. Our goal is to discuss the content of each frame so that any necessary changes can be made before animating. Our creative team will gather the rest of the stock assets necessary to build your storyboard. Often times these will still have watermarks on them until they are approved. Once approved, it’s time to make it move!


Our animators will begin the process of adding motion to any of the remaining illustrated elements. The next delivery you’ll receive is a full version of your video - but we don’t stop there! You’ll have a chance to give us feedback so the final video you receive is exactly as ordered. And voilà! Your video is complete and ready to go!

Final Delivery!

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