Repurpose Your Marketing Videos to Maximize Time & Money

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You can't deny the power and popularity of marketing videos today. They are a necessity in every good marketing strategy. It's no wonder that over half of marketers find videos the most valuable content to reach their business goals. But creating compelling videos that resonate with your audience is quite a task!

From planning and scripting to filming and editing, a high-quality video requires hard work and sometimes a good chunk of your marketing budget. So when you've finally created a masterpiece, make sure you get the most bang for your buck. By transforming one amazing video into various forms of content, you can increase its impact and exponentially grow your reach and engagement. In other words, repurposing your marketing videos will maximize your time and money!

There are many ways to reuse existing content in your video library, from creating blog posts to offering digital products. With the right information, you can easily and skillfully repurpose your marketing videos, so they work for you across multiple platforms. Let's explore what video repurposing is, why you should utilize it, and how to make the most out of your valuable video content.

What Video Repurposing Is (And Isn't)

Definition of Repurpose

Repurposing is: A creative way to recycle your original investment.

When you repurpose a marketing video, you take a video you have already created and then alter, expand, or minimize its content. You can also change the format and use it multiple ways across different platforms to better suit a wider audience.

You can't just rely on one type of potential customer to find your content. You need to put your marketing material where people consume it and appeal to buyers with different learning styles and preferences. Connecting your original message, or some portion of that message, to a bigger audience will get you the most from your investment.

For example, you might have an educational video on YouTube that is seeing a lot of engagement, but you'd like to gain an audience of podcast listeners as well. If you skillfully repurpose video content into a podcast, you can reach listeners outside the YouTube platform. Furthermore, you'll avoid spending more time and money producing a separate podcast.

Repurposing is not: A blanket term for cutting and pasting.

Video repurposing should be imaginative and strategic. Repurpose creatively, so your content is exciting and fresh each time you use it. The main thing to avoid is regurgitating your video marketing content in the same old way. Making effective content from your videos can take some time and planning, but it is much easier than starting from scratch.

4 Good Reasons to Repurpose Your Marketing Videos

  1. It saves time. Nearly 40% of marketing professionals site pre-production as the most time-intensive part of video making. Fortunately, repurposing your marketing videos alleviates some of the pressure. You can generate multiple items to share across all your platforms by repurposing a single, high-quality, engaging video. Conserve precious time by using this clever tactic to increase your digital footprint.
  2. It renews purpose. Why let your valuable video content gather dust in the archives of one social media platform when you can showcase it in new and exciting ways across multiple platforms? Repurposing your marketing video brings it back to life and gives it a new purpose beyond the initial post. Your audience will thank you for it.
  3. It increases awareness. According to HubSpot, the main goal for 36% of marketers is to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness. Therefore, it doesn't make sense only to offer an idea one time when you can easily provide it in multiple formats. Sharing your repurposed marketing content across several channels will increase your chance of being noticed by potential customers and can garner the attention your brand needs.
  4. It saves money. Repurposing a marketing video can do wonders for your budget and marketing strategy. Why waste precious resources on endless content creation when you can repurpose and reuse your existing videos? Recycling your current video library can reduce your expenses and increase your ROI.

Best Practices

Adjust each video's dimensions to the applicable platform. provides a regularly updated social media video specs guide with all the rules, sizes, and dimensions.

People often watch content with the sound off. Add captions or subtitles to help people understand your message even when they can't hear it.

When making short clips from long-form videos, use relevant content that can stand alone. Evergreen material is perfect for repurposing, but most importantly, your content must educate, inspire, and entertain.


Transcribe Your Marketing Videos for Maximum Use

Transcribe video into written word

Your audience likely enjoys consuming content in a variety of forms. Though a video is one of the most powerful ways to engage with potential customers and increase conversions, you can use marketing video content in other creative ways. Once you have a compelling video in your library, try transcribing it to text for use in written content.

Best Practices

Hire a professional service like or (for longer videos) to make the transcription process simple and painless. You can also use an app such as Otter.AI to transcribe your video to text.

Carefully choose a video that best relates to the content you want to publish. Make sure it is a top-performing video that is updated and current.

Clean up your copy with a grammar and spelling checker like Grammarly also features a gauge to check your text for clarity, delivery, and engagement.

These formats work well with text transcribed from marketing videos:


Whether you're sending out LinkedIn newsletters, running a drip campaign, or looking to secure a new client, a repurposed video is a valuable tool to have in your belt. Instead of reinventing the wheel, combine your best videos into your marketing strategy for maximum impact. In addition to embedding your video directly into an email or newsletter, you can effectively use your video transcript. Write a newsletter using the text from your video or use part of the transcript to bullet point essential details in an email. Be sure to include a solid Call To Action, letting your target audience know where to go next. With just a few tweaks, you'll deliver engaging content straight to your audience's inbox and reap the rewards of increased engagement and sales.


Using static graphics that reflect you and your topics is a great way to stay consistently on brand. Bold images combined with inspiring words can generate engagement and work well with almost every social platform. Once you have a transcript pulled from your marketing video, highlight the most informative or thought-provoking text. Then use a graphic design app like Canva to combine that text with bright, exciting images. Canva connects directly with social media to quickly share designs with your followers. Educational tips, inspiring quotes, and exciting polls are always popular and inspire action.


Never underestimate the power of the written word. Creating a blog post related to your digital marketing video is a great way to spread your message in a different format. Embedding your repurposed video directly in the blog can be highly effective, but not everyone will watch the video, so your text must be able to stand alone. A well-written and relatable blog post can significantly impact prospective customers and add value to your brand. One way to easily write a compelling blog and reach new audiences is to use the text from your video. You don't have to use the entire transcript, but make sure to use the key points from the video and expand from there.


Repurpose your marketing videos and build on finished work to revitalize your marketing efforts and captivate your audience. Instead of starting from scratch, harness the power of your past videos to generate buzz at an expo or exhibition. Pull bullets from the written transcript of your video and transform them into visually stunning slides with software like Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote. Consider showing clips from your product demo video at a trade show. Play a critical piece of your webinar related to your product or service at a one-time presentation. Recycling your marketing videos at your next presentation or event will give you a fantastic return on your original investment.

Cut Apart Your Marketing Videos for Optimal Engagement

Cut apart your video

Repurposing marketing videos is an effective technique to extend the life of your digital content. Cutting videos into smaller pieces and using them on different platforms allows you to create several engaging stories that can be shared in multiple formats across various channels. By leveraging these snippets, you can engage an audience with targeted content. Furthermore, you can spread the marketing materials over time rather than using them all at once, potentially increasing their reach and engagement. With this approach, you will get the most out of your marketing video assets and ensure your marketing efforts are better utilized.

Best Practices

Keep your snippets at 60 seconds or less, and make sure the beginning is exciting enough to catch the audience's attention. People have short attention spans, so try to present your value or offer in the first three seconds.

Include a link to the original video in your content. This will help drive traffic to your older video and attract new viewers to both videos.

Encourage viewers to watch your entire short video by incorporating trendy music or sound effects. Try utilizing a video app like YouCam to add eye-catching effects and fun filters to grab people's attention.


In our fast-paced world, younger audiences want information quickly and efficiently and want to avoid scrolling through lots of text to get it. Use micro-content or bite-sized snippets from your longer videos to engage with them. They are usually 30-second short-form videos and are rapidly consumed, primarily on social media posts like TikTok Video, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Stories, and Instagram Reels. All it takes to spark curiosity and drive your brand awareness is a clever, well-made 15-second video. However, these videos are so short it's critical to pay attention to the following tips:

Make your video as easy to see and understand as possible. This means fonts should be legible, colors should be bold, and headings should be catchy.

Teaching moments are highly searched on social media. Select material that is relevant and interesting. Use your How-To videos and educational content to create valuable, teachable moments.

Research hashtags to see how many people are looking for your video's content. Only make micro-content with the topics that are most likely to be searched.


Podcast episodes are an often overlooked way to repurpose your longer marketing videos into 10, 30, or 60-minute content. This format is frequently listened to by people on the go that may don't have time to sit still to watch an entire video.

Start your podcast by creating an audio file using any video in your library, but choose content that interests you. Pay special attention to videos with interviews or conversations, teaching moments, and good storytelling. You can export your entire video, or just pieces of it, as an MP3 audio-only file. Podcasts can be a new and exciting way to reach another audience, but following these tips will help you make engaging episodes:

If you use smaller sections of the video for your podcast, you can include licensed music to fill up space. If the video clip is too short, you may need to write an intro and outro script that voice actors can record.

Think about your long-term goals for this content and have a clear direction for you and your listeners to move toward. Know your CTA.

Podcast episodes are usually posted weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonally. List them on a podcast channel like Apple Podcast.


Ads are all about storytelling, so what better way to repurpose your successful videos? Video ads tend to outperform text and image-based ads. This is likely because they are efficient and persuasive, and people remember well-told stories. In fact, they are so popular it is estimated that video ad marketing in the US reached 78 Billion dollars in spending for 2023!

A video ad aims to introduce an audience to your product or service and help develop trust in your brand. They are similar to explainer videos, but instead of living on your website’s landing page, ads are watched anywhere at any time. Explainer videos can become video ads with little work, but there are other videos that repurpose as ads too.

  • Testimonial Videos- Do you have a video of a loyal customer explaining why they love your product or how you solved their pain points? Use highlights from that video to create a video ad. Buyers love using customer experiences to help them make choices.
  • Product Demo Videos- Repurpose product demo videos to showcase precisely how your product works or how it solves a real-world problem. These are good for advertising physical products, but they also help build confidence in your brand.
  • Case Study Videos- Utilize part of your case study video as an ad for online courses, service-based companies, and consulting. If you share a compelling story like this one, buyers will remember your brand and consider it when purchasing.


A digital product is a piece of content you can sell online or offer as a promotion. If you have an insightful video based on a niche subject, you can easily turn it into a webinar, master class, or online course. Repurposing your marketing videos as products allows you to gain leads and build loyal fans. If that's not reason enough to turn your content marketing into online learning, estimates the global e-learning market will reach almost $400 billion by 2026!

Several types of marketing videos recycle well into digital products.

  • Evergreen webinars are great tools and can be used over and over. Their longevity makes them perfect for digital products.
  • Separate long-form videos into a series of shorter video segments and label the parts sequentially. Use this to create a short masterclass on a topic you want to share.
  • Repurpose educational videos that pair well with quizzes, surveys, and assessments to create a valuable online course.

Unlock the full potential of your marketing video content

Save yourself time and money by repurposing your marketing videos. Making your content available in more formats gives your audience variety and spreads your brand across multiple platforms, so you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Before creating new content from scratch, look through your video library for high-quality videos that could use a new life.

And when you create a new video, make a plan to repurpose it.

When you're ready to start repurposing your marketing videos or creating new ones, Levitate Media is here to help unlock the full potential of your marketing video content!