Testimonial Videos-Why Your Business Needs Them

Testimonial Videos

Sometimes, your customers will be wary of your advertising.

Of course, you say they should purchase your product. It's your product after all! Prospective customers sometimes need another nudge from an independent source.

As consumer trust declines in advertising, businesses must explore alternative ways to build trust and establish an emotional connection with their customers.

Testimonial videos can work with that.

In this post, we'll break down three effective testimonial videos that are sure to amaze potential customers. Before we dive in, let's define testimonial videos and explore why they are so effective at driving conversions.

What Are Testimonial Videos?

Testimonial videos are a type of video that focuses on a customer's success story and endorsement of a product or service. The video functions almost like a case study that features a happy customer who is using your product.

In most testimonial videos, the customer explains why the problem that they were facing led them to look for solutions in the market. Then, they introduce your product as a solution and explain the impact it has had on their business.

The video acts as a powerful form of social proof that lends credibility and validates your product and company.

Businesses often use client testimonial videos as a part of their bottom-of-funnel video marketing strategy. These video content assets are especially helpful for those that need a final nudge to convert.

By listening to a specific customer story packaged into a high-quality video, hesitant prospects may be ready to move further down the sales funnel and make a purchase.

But why exactly are customer testimonial videos so effective at grabbing viewers' attention and driving new customers? Let's dive into the data.

Why Are Testimonial Videos Effective?

Testimonial Videos

There are so many different types of videos you can use in different marketing campaigns. Why should you focus on creating more testimonial videos?

Well, when leveraged correctly, testimonial videos can accomplish many things at once.

The perfect testimonial video can:

  • Educate prospective customers about your product
  • Share a problem/solution scenario that positions your product as a must-have solution
  • Introduce a happy customer that prospective customers can relate to
  • Boost credibility in your product with a third-party, authentic endorsement

Customers are often looking for customer reviews and other forms of social proof to make sure they are making a good decision before they commit to buying your product.

A customer testimonial video packages all of this value up in a short, concise video that can be added to a landing page or shared on social media. Over 30% of the top landing pages use video content and 36% of the top landing pages feature testimonials.

That makes it a no-brainer investment, right? Now that you know why you need one, let's take a look at some of the essential parts of an effective video testimonial.

The Core Components of Testimonial Videos

Although all testimonial videos are unique, there are some common elements that can be found in almost all of them.

These elements make up the DNA of a standard testimonial video. By following this formula, you can create a video that effectively pitches your business, increases brand awareness, and nudges prospects closer to buying.

The best customer testimonial video includes these components:

  • Business Owner or Happy Customer - This is the star of your video who is sharing their success with your product.
  • Problem/Solution Positioning - What problem was your customer facing when he/she decided to purchase your product?
  • Endorsement - The recommendation of your product by your happy customer

These three components are essential for a successful customer testimonial video. The endorsement can be used as a marketing tool and re-packaged into a handful of additional assets including social media graphics, infographics, case studies, and more.

With all of these core components, you'll be able to create an impactful customer testimonial video that speaks directly to hesitant buyers in your target audience.

3 Winning Examples of Testimonial Videos

Now that you know how to make an effective video, let's take a look at a few customer testimonial video examples that you need to see.

These video testimonials are amazing examples that follow the correct framework for producing an effective customer video testimonial.

1. Manta Ford Roll

One strategy you can use for your video testimonial is to feature the business owner.

Who is the person who created the company? What is his or her vision?

Roll produced a unique video testimonial that featured the company's owner, Stuart Hunter, sharing his story about when he came to America and why he started Roll.

He "found a personal passion for riding" that he believes changed his life. The video shows Roll's trucks with prominent branding on them, making an impression on the viewer.

By focusing on his story, the video makes the business feel more personal. It is a marketing video that can be used to establish an emotional connection with the customer.

2. Humantech

Humantech produced a video testimonial featuring their client Wells Enterprises.

Jeff Sanford, Director of Consulting at Humantech, shares that he performed a gap analysis to identify areas of improvement for Wells Enterprises' processes.

Bill Davis, Industrial Engineer at Wells Enterprises, highlights the impact of these changes: workers have more time with their families and have improved satisfaction.

In addition, the company is saving time and resources with these improved processes in place.

The video ends with a clip of a happy Wells Enterprises employee who says she loves coming to work every day. This is an impactful final scene that shows not only the impact Humantech has had on the business, but the employees' lives as well.

3. Chrome River

UNM was looking for a solution that streamlined their expense process. The company was operating on a dated paper system which had plenty of inefficiencies.

Physical stacks of expense forms would pile up waiting to be approved. This was a lengthy process that had limitations due to their reliance on paper forms.

That's why the company turned to Chrome River for help.

Chrome River digitized their invoicing and expense process, allowing departments to operate more efficiently and expenses to be processed at a faster rate.

Chrome River was the solution that the business needed to propel it further. In the video, numerous UNM employees endorse and recommend Chrome River as an invoicing and expense solution for all types of businesses.

Creating Your Own Testimonial Video

Testimonial Videos

An engaging testimonial video is a must-have for any business trying to win more customers and positively impact their bottom line.

Customer testimonial videos are an effective marketing tool that nudges hesitant prospects at the bottom of the funnel to purchase and convert. With the help of a happy customer's endorsement, these video assets provide a compelling case for why the prospect should purchase the product.

Get started creating your own testimonial video with Levitate Media. Leave all the work to us, and we'll partner with you to storyboard, write, film, edit and produce an amazing testimonial video that will have your customers coming back for more.