How Text Animation Can Help You Bring Your Business to Life

Create Text Animation to Help Make Your Business Stand Out
Photographer: Nikhil Mitra | Source: Unsplash

When a new visitor lands on your website, you only have 15 seconds or less to capture their attention. And it’s estimated that 65% of people are visual learners. That’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of using engaging text animation effects on your webpage.

We’ll look at how text can be used in logo animations, how to add text animation, and some of the video makers and text effects services that can help.

See a video we created for Conductor with animated text here:

What is Text Animation?

Text animation, as the name implies, involves moving letters, words, or even paragraphs. They follow a certain pattern, move across the screen, or occupy a certain area on the screen. So how does text animation help your business?

Animated text can:

  • Grab viewers’ attention and keep it (which is why they’re great for video intros or outros)
  • Highlight important information, such as a short promo or quote
  • Smoothly transition from one topic to another
  • Increase viewers’ ability to remember the message

Is There a Difference Between a GIF and a Text Animation?

Yes! There is a lot of overlap between text animation, motion graphics, and GIFS. Although they all share the commonality of motion, there are specific differences.

When it comes to GIFS, the major difference is that these often use clips from TV shows, movies, or other pop culture references. These are usually shared between family and friends, or used in email marketing to create a connection with your audience.

Even though you can add text, shapes, and drawings to your GIFs, that’s not actually considered text animation. Text animation is the process that involves taking your actual text itself and adding gradient or glitch effects, or making it bounce, spin, and even rotate.

How to Create an Animated Text Video

When it comes to creating text animation, you typically have a few options. Video templates are often preferred over hiring a professional typography designer (since they're less expensive), but hiring a professional designer is still common. It takes years of experience and expertise to produce high-quality texts and animations. There is a reason why they are considered experts! In the long run, hiring a professional can save you the time and effort of A.) learning how to do something yourself, B.) doing something that looks like someone else’s.

See animated text video we completed for Mindtickle here:

However, if you’re a DIYer or don’t have the budget to invest, you can certainly use free online animation templates. Templates are easy to use (most of them are drag-and-drop templates) and maintain your professional image.

Here are some other things to consider if you decide to use a template:

Think of the Text Size

Believe it or not, changing the text size can help you connect with your audience on an emotional level. How? Here’s an example. I bet you've received a text message or email from someone who left their caps lock on and felt as if they were yelling at you. It works the same way if you use large text!

When using big or capitalized text, you can convey yelling or frustration, whereas when you use small text, you can convey calmness or shyness.

Speed and Timing

Change the speed of your moving text animation from beginning to end to make it more engaging. To keep the movement smooth and soft, the text should be moved slowly at the beginning and end. While the message should remain on the screen for a while, it should not become too distracting to the viewers.

Text Animation Templates


Animaker is great for creating logo animations and text animations from templates or from scratch. How does it work?

  • Choose a font from the font collection. You can also upload your own font style if you have your own text that you use for your brand.
  • With Animaker, you can add royalty-free music to your text animation video or upload your own music.
  • There are over 30,000 Animated Assets and 1000+ customizable templates included in Animaker. Not to mention 200+ professional fonts and transitions
  • You can also instantly resize videos to other dimensions for different social media platforms

Note: Your text animation will have a watermark in the free version. But with an upgrade, you’ll be watermark-free.


Let’s be honest. There’s nothing better than Canva for social media marketers. And you’re considering text animation, you can also use the animation feature with hundreds of beautiful and eye-catching templates.

With Canva, the way to animate text is easy! Simply click on your text and select the Animate option. You can create typography that breathes, fades, pans, or rises across your design. It’s even possible to combine a variety of animations for each text! The options are endless and with this web-based platform, you can easily revisit your design for future changes after you save it.


On your search for text animation, you might come across an online tool called Textanim. While the platform is free to use, it is a little outdated. But everyone has different tastes and needs, so we don’t want to rule it out completely.

You can use Textanim to create dynamic text animations (which are great for logos). Just be mindful that it can only give your letters a glowing effect or different color patterns, but it cannot move the text.

Adobe Express

Using Adobe Express, you can create animated text in minutes for free (forever!). And there’s a good chance that Adobe Express is already included in your Creative Cloud subscription.

What are some of the key features?

  • Customizable text animation options
  • A template library with 100,000 professionally designed examples

These templates allow you to add your own photos for a more personal touch, and adjust the background color, font styles, text color palettes, and placements.

You can look through the animation options to find the one that best suits your messaging. With just a few clicks, you can download your animated clip to share with your family, friends, and followers immediately!

What about Adobe After Effects?

There are so many options for text animation in Adobe After Effects, from opacity to fill color, scale and skew. And while you can certainly create text animations for your videos using different methods and plugins, it’s a bit on the technical side (so we don’t recommend this program for beginners).

In some cases, you’ll need to modify the text animation of a plugin or preset, so you should have a basic understanding of how to do that. Again, if you don’t have much experience with After Effects, you'll definitely need to watch a video or read a tutorial.

See the animated text video we completed for Anitian here:

You can use text animation to capture your viewers’ attention with anything from complex animated words to simple glitch effects. Want to add text animation to your logo, video, or website? Let us help you get started incorporating text animation into your business today. Contact us here!