Social Media Video Production: How to Cut Through the Noise

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We live in a world of online videos here in 2022. In fact, they make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic. And with it estimated that people watch online videos for 100 minutes a day on average, it’s no wonder 87% of marketers who use video marketing on social media are satisfied with the ROI of their efforts (and 93% say video marketing is an important part of their marketing plan!). So, to help your business stand out and cut through the noise, we highly recommend focusing on your social media video production.

About Social Media Video Production

As we mentioned earlier, social videos are the key to any marketing strategy. Why? Because video content can grab attention, boost engagement, and even has the potential to generate leads.

But there are a few key aspects you need to consider when producing social media videos, no matter if you’re looking for a short video ad to create conversions or a long-form video for sharing your corporate video.

Consider the Social Channels

Each social media platform is unique in its own right. While, yes, they all have the central theme of community, they each have their own requirements. We’ll take a moment now to look at a few:


When it comes to Facebook video ads, this platform recommends video dimensions of 1280 x 720 for landscape ads (and 720 x 720 for square ads). These videos have a maximum length of 120 minutes. While there are other options on Facebook for social media video production besides advertisements, including carousel posts, 360° videos, and Newsfeed videos, these videos cannot exceed 240 minutes.


TikTok is a platform that’s drastically different from the requirements for a Facebook video. For this platform, the video dimensions for TikTok should be 1080×1920 with an aspect ratio of 9:16. And the video length for this platform is limited to three minutes.


Even though Snapchat is usually used for personal communication, it could also be a useful tool for your business. Especially if you’re trying to reach a younger audience. Their short-form videos are a bit longer than TikTok (between 3 and 10 seconds), but their ad lengths are unlimited. Again, this is a fantastic platform for engaging younger demographics, attracting new followers, and influencing purchase decisions.


While Instagram started as a photo-centric platform, it’s since evolved to keep up with the ever-competitive and ever-changing world of video. The platform introduced a feature called “IGTV” back in 2018. But with the introduction of video stories, live video streams, and reels, they’ve since done away with it. Now, they have a standard video format called “Instagram Video”.

See a video we completed for Aveeno for use on Instagram here:


There are some things to keep in mind when it comes to social media video production for this platform. Like everything else on Twitter, the video is also short. Videos that are most popular on Twitter include reaction/response GIFS, and short videos lasting 2 minutes and 20 seconds. For sports, politics, or entertainment companies, this is the perfect platform to promote your brand, promo, or product videos.


As far as video content goes, LinkedIn is still in its infancy. In spite of that, the stats look promising! LinkedIn videos get shared 20 times more than any other type of content. The majority of LinkedIn video marketers (87%) say the channel has been effective for them. In a LinkedIn survey, 59% of executives said they would consume content via video if it was available in both written and video formats.

Because LinkedIn is still seen as a very “professional” social platform, you should post business-appropriate videos to LinkedIn, and you should take the time to do video editing and high-quality video post-production. You don’t have to hire a video production team, but if you’re planning to regularly post promo videos for your organization, you might want to consider social media video production services.

One final note: As well as optimizing for all devices and streaming situations, you’ll also want to incorporate back-end SEO. If this feels intimidating, ask your video production agency if they can help.

Know Your Target Audience

Before getting into those finer details of social media video production, you’ll need to consider your audience.

For effective social media video production, you need to know your audience so you can post your video where they hang out online. Yes, it’s important to make sure your video meets the technical specifications. But even if you dot all your “i’s” and cross all your “t’s”, it won’t do you any good if your video misses the mark with your audience. If you reach the right people with your video, you will be able to convert your viewers into leads. With the right social media marketing strategy, you can leverage organic and paid social media campaigns to your advantage to get new customers.

Social Media Video Production: The Common Denominator

Regardless of the content strategy, social platform, or target audience, your promotional videos should have one thing in common. And that is storytelling.

Visual storytelling is a powerful tool. Why? With shorter attention spans, dynamic movement and photography are effective ways to grab people’s attention. Considering the human brain is tuned to movement, it's an effective way to capture and maintain attention.

As with most explainer videos, promotional videos, and social media content, the golden rule is to show, not tell. You don’t want to lose your followers by boring them with “fluff.” Instead, make a video that affects your audience emotionally and resonates with them. Any social media strategy or video campaign that uses this tactic will almost certainly have the best results. And this should be considered even before starting video production.

Benefits of Social Media Video Production Services

Creating Brand Awareness

With social media video production, you can now build and promote your brand awareness in ways you couldn’t have imagined even just a few years ago. Thanks to live streams and stories, you can now share behind-the-scenes looks at new projects or your day-to-day duties. Production of social media videos is a great way to increase brand exposure and brand awareness. And high-quality videos help you give your customers a positive, memorable, and engaging experience.

Helps You Stand Out

Let’s face it – the internet is a noisy place to be. However, it IS the place to be. The good news is that you can stand out from all that noise by using social media video production. And it is especially effective when you know who your audience is. When you know this, your videos can be tailored to them and you can put your own spin and perspective on the typical videos you see. You can also give that inside look to show who you are, what you stand for, and that you are more than a brand.

Social Media Video Production Keep Your Audience Engaged

We’ve covered a lot of important points here, but there’s one last thing we must mention. And that is content repurposing. A live stream can be turned into a podcast, blog, or even a static page. Make sure your live videos are not lost after 24 hours! Keep your audience engaged by repurposing your social media videos.

Need help creating high-quality engaging social media video production to really help your business shine? Contact us today! As a team of professionals from various backgrounds, we're ready to help you produce the perfect social media video.