Why Logo Animation Benefits Your Brand and What You Need to Know to Get Started

Different logos on a Mac and the importance of logo animation
Photographer: Slidebean | Source: Unsplash

Did you realize that it takes people 5-7 impressions to remember your brand? That’s right! People need to see or interact with your brand at least 5 times so they don’t forget about you. That recognition can happen almost immediately with logo animation. In fact, some well-known brands use logo animation: Waze, Amazon Fire, Apple, and even MTV (and they’re all definitely all recognizable!).

But what makes logo animation help you stand out compared to static logos? And why are they so beneficial for businesses? Keep reading to find out...

What Are Some Advantages Of Using Logo Animation?

There are an estimated 213 MILLION companies in the world now in 2022 – that’s a lot of competition. Of course, you can maximize your SEO efforts to get customers to your website versus your competitors, but once someone lands there, how do you get them to stay there? How can you stand out? An animated logo is one way to do this.

Why it works: given that you only have 8 seconds to capture your audience’s attention, an animated logo will be more memorable than a static image. Besides that, with 30% of customers in the United States looking at a brands logo first, using custom logo animation to create brand awareness could be a good idea.

Logo Animation and Storytelling

What Does Business Logo Animation Have To Do With Storytelling? According to Search Engine Watch, storytelling has the potential to increase conversion rates by 30%. Emotionally connecting with your audience is simple to tell a story in blogs and videos, but how about in a simple logo? That is an art form!

Why it works: In comparison, static logos cannot provide as much background information about your personality, your mission, and your values as animation can. Much like a quick animation video or boomerang, your own logo and help convey a bit about you and your brands story. By using an animated logo, you can really showcase your personality and message to your potential customers even with the shortest animations.

How Logo Animation Makes an Emotional Connection

We use our visual cortex to process and identify emotions, so the connection starts there. You always feel something when you watch a video, right? Whether it’s happy, shocked, tearful, curious, or a combination of these emotions… you feel something. Sometimes the right background music can help elicit those emotions. But other times, videos can be crafted in such a way that they become engaging and captivate your attention without sound.

Think way back about the classic black-and-white silent films. Some of them were extremely powerful and evoked emotion without uttering a word. That’s the same basic concept behind logo animation. You can elicit your customers’ emotions through good visual storytelling.

Why it works: The more people feel connected to your brand, the more likely they are to remember and work with you.

How Do I Create an Animated Logo Design?

Excellent question! It’s no surprise that businesses with the same or similar logos frequently use graphics from free stock libraries. But doesn’t that defeat the purpose of trying to stand out? One way to get around this is by hiring a professional to create a high-quality graphic design that can help with the creation of an effective brand image.

Things to Think About

You’ll want to make sure you consider pricing options and budgets before deciding which path is best for your company. The cost of customized logo animation typically includes the process and all its variables, such as:

  • Animation time
  • Color options
  • Creating mockups

Not to mention if there’s complex animation or unique formatting involved. Then, of course, there’s the time it takes to make edits and review designs. Depending on the person or production company, all of these things will affect the cost.

The DIY Approach

Not every startup or entrepreneur can afford a fully customized motion design logo, and that’s okay. You could always opt for using a video template instead. There are plenty of free (and paid) sites out there specifically for this. And it can be as simple as uploading your logo into a template and applying pre-designed animation.

The only disadvantage is that the animation will not be unique to your logo and will often be much simpler in style. That being said, if you want something eye-catching and to help you stand out, this can be a great option. Especially for beginners.

Wondering where to start? Here are a few of our recommendations for logo animation software…


If you’ve ever looked for logo animation software, you’ve probably come across Renderforest. This is probably because this company specializes in both branded videos and logo design. The perks?

  • Live support 24/7 (making it simple for beginners!)
  • Create a 3D logo from a 2D image and add 3D animation effects
  • Pre-made, editable animations and template-based design
  • Free with low-res watermarked videos (or paid starting at $9.99 with no watermarks)

Adobe Spark

Though Adobe Spark is not specifically designed as an “animated logo maker,” its functionality can be applied to animated logo videos.

Adobe is a well-known brand among graphic designers, so they’re a brand you can rely on for high-quality graphics. Some of its key features?

  • Temples with a variety of styles organized by tags
  • A large font collection (if typography is important to you)
  • Both square and widescreen video editing modes
  • Recorded audio and/or music options in a simple drag-and-drop editor
  • An iOS app or a web-based editor
  • Again, watermarked videos for free (starting at $9.99/month with no watermarks)


Whether you’re new to Canva or have been using it for social media for a while, this is a super simple platform with stunning animated logo templates. Whether you’re looking for text animation, simple transitions, or graphics animations, Canva can help. Their logo maker has everything you need to easily create a custom logo – and it’s free!

  • Templates for pre-made sizes.
  • Free stock images, icons, and elements.
  • Transparency tools and after-effects that can be used on all elements.
  • A user-friendly interface.
  • Designing logos is a breeze with their free design templates.

Need guidance or support in creating a one-of-a-kind logo animation for your company? Our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to help you – contact us today!