Music Video Production Companies and What You Need to Know as an Artist

Music video production companies filming music video
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Your brand new track just came out after weeks of writing and recording. You’ve spent countless hours mixing and mastering this masterpiece, which is finally ready for the world to hear. Now, what do you do? Produce a high-quality music video. Writing the music? Yes! Filming and producing a music video? No, thanks. Youd rather leave that to the music video production companies. And we get it! With all the creative energy you put into writing this song, you want to do it justice and make it memorable. The question is, how do you select a music video production company that you can trust?

Today we’ll explore that and much more.

What Are Music Video Production Companies?

From TV commercials to web videos and music videos, production companies can specialize in a wide range of industries. Music video production companies, on the other hand, specialize in both filming and editing music videos specifically. That might sound self-explanatory, but producing a music video is certainly an art form...

The production of music videos includes scripting, casting, shooting, and post-production, so a music video production company is responsible for all aspects of the video. This is a type of filmmaking that combines audio and visuals, and some skills needed include artistic ability, storytelling abilities, and a small-business/entrepreneurial mindset to inspire faith in your vision.

What is the Cost of Hiring Music Video Production Companies?

Independent musicians and major record labels can work with companies that produce music videos, no matter what their goals are. While some bands pay for their music videos themselves, if you’re on a major record label, they will frequently allocate a budget for video production services as part of their marketing strategy.

However, if you’re an independent artist, it can be challenging to know how much a video will cost. In general (and especially in the case of music videos), the following costs are involved in film production:

  • Producers and music video directors
  • Operational cameraman
  • Rental of camera equipment
  • Lighting gear + assistant
  • Clothing and wardrobe
  • Permits from the city
  • Fees and rentals for locations
  • Fees for editors
  • Artists who specialize in visual effects
  • Compensating band members
  • The development and pre-production process (scripts, storyboards, strategies, etc...)
  • Casting additional actors and extras
  • Hours dedicated to marketing
  • Renting props/furniture
  • Construction of a set
  • Insurance for production
  • Food catering
  • Their years of experience

Benefits of Working with Music Video Production Companies

Media production studios are skilled in knowing how to produce the best music videos. These creative agencies know how powerful visuals can be and how they work hand-in-hand with music to create an emotional connection that is both powerful and unique. And they know that second to Netflix, YouTube is the second most popular video content for millennials. Because consumers who view music videos are more inclined to purchase music, high-quality video content can increase fans – and revenue.

Promotes a Growing Fanbase

Music video production companies recognize the value of music videos in introducing new songs to an audience. The best award-winning full-service video production companies work hard behind the scenes to create music videos that achieve awards and are exposed on television and in movies.

Make The Viewer Feel Something

A music video is an effective way for an artist to connect emotionally with the audience. The best music video directors are those who can make the viewer feel something. They use their visual artistic abilities to bring out emotions that people might not expect from the song’s lyrics.

Music Video Production Companies

GC Films

Gordon Cowie, a cinematographer, and director trained at the New York Film Academy, founded the company that works with artists both US-based and international artists who are signed and unsigned. Among his clients are NFL, NHL, and MLB teams, and artists like Travis Scott, Juvenile, and AB-Soul.

GC Films works to deliver music videos to make emotional connections and evoke emotion.


Cineeye is one of London’s most cost-effective and professional music video production companies. They strive to collaborate with you from concept to completion of your music video and are always willing to discuss your ideas and offer professional advice, as well as prepare "no obligation" quotes.

This music video production company works with musicians at all stages of their careers. Whether you need a behind-the-scenes video or a full live event performance, they can help no matter how complex!

Miami Beach Music Video Production

Miami Beach Music Video Production has over 15 years of experience producing music videos ranging from small, less complex productions to large-scale, high-quality music productions. They design a simple, professional process that meets all of their client’s needs, and their custom-tailored solutions provide budget options for producing a high-quality video without sacrificing quality.

On request, they can provide props, models, actors, actresses, locations, exotic cars, and hair and make-up artists; however, there may be additional fees.

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Photographer: KAL VISUALS | Source: Unsplash

Interested in discussing a video project? We at Levitate Media produce everything from corporate videos and motion graphics to – you guessed itmusic videos. With our talented team on hand, we can create a music video that perfectly complements your new track. Get in touch with us today to bring the vision for your next project to life.