What Is a Video Producer?

Video Producers

In order to make a video, sometimes many people need to be involved. Some roles are obvious and clear-cut. The editor does the editing. The scriptwriter writes the script. Other roles, the video producer, are not as clear-cut.

While the video producer is in charge of many different aspects of the production, many people don't know exactly what his or her role is in the video production.

In this post, we're going to highlight the importance of a video producer and outline the job responsibilities. Before we dive in, let's define the term “video producer” and learn about the roles associated with this very important job.

The Role of a Video Producer

Video Producers

A video producer oversees the entire video production process from start to finish.

It is his or her responsibility to ensure that the final video meets the client's creative vision, is delivered on time and on or under budget.

The video producer creates and manages the entire video production schedule - from pre-production through post-production and editing. The producer assembles the team and ensures all crew members working on the production are unified to deliver the creative vision for the video.

Feature Film or Tier 1 Commercials may have additional Producer roles such as “Line Producers”, who only manage the budget “Post-Production or VFX Producers”, who only work in post-production stages, or “Associate Producers” to assist in specific areas needed.

Depending on the budget for the production, the Producer will either vet and hire the department heads for specific disciplines such as the camera department, grip and electric, or art department who then have their own teams beneath them.... or for smaller budgets, they will build and directly manage smaller teams including camera operators, scriptwriters, editors, graphic designers, and more.

The Producer can be seen as the “CEO” for the video production, so this role holds a lot of responsibility and is directly linked to the success of the video.

Does every video project need a video producer? Let's explore this in more detail.

Why A Video Producer Is So Important

Video Producers

Although their role is a bit abstract, it is vital to have a video producer for any video projects that you have in your pipeline.

Producing a movie or commercial without a video producer is like setting sail without a captain on your ship. Someone needs to be the point person to take charge of the entire video production and keep everything moving forward.

If you don't have a video producer, you might actually be fulfilling the role of one without even knowing it.

One of the most important jobs of the video producer is to share the vision with each team member working on the shoot. He or she should be explaining to the pre-production team, scriptwriters, camera operators, editors, and post-production team the objective of the video and what they should be bringing to life.

In a way, the video producer focuses heavily on project management, making sure each crew member has the time and equipment needed to deliver their part of the production.

As with any project, obstacles may arise which can impact the creative vision, schedule, budget, or sometimes all three! A skilled Producer can navigate the production through troubled waters and adapt to changes as they come.

That's why having a talented video producer leading the spearheading your next video project is so critical.

What Qualities Should a Video Producer Have?

Video Producers Qualities

Finding the right video producer for your project can kind of be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

You need someone who has all the right interpersonal skills and is versatile. But what qualities should you look for when you're interviewing them?

These are the top qualities that every video producer should have:

  • Adaptability - Things can often go wrong in the video production process. The video producer must lead the charge to get everything back on track.
  • Resolute Creative Direction - The video producer needs to be able to share the project's vision with his or her crew members.
  • Time Management - It's so important that nothing falls behind in the video production process, so successful video producers are always trying to stay on track and communicate schedules.
  • Film Production Knowledge - Video producers don't have to be an expert in specialized fields like editing or scriptwriting, but they should know enough to recruit and find the right people for the right roles to bring the final product to life.
  • Organizational Skills - Successful video producers are organized and detail-oriented.
  • Clear Communication Skills - Assigning tasks, sharing the vision, and providing actionable feedback are necessary tasks that video producers have to do regularly.

It doesn't matter if you're making a digital video or a documentary, these skills will help any video producer stand out from the pack and excel.

How to Become a Video Producer

become producer

Filmmaking is an art, and a video producer should be able to guide their crew to create a masterpiece.

As such, it's important for video producers to understand all aspects of the video production process, so ultimately they know what every department is doing.

Many Producers started their careers as Production Assistant’s (PA’s) on set and worked their way up the ladder to being a Producer.

You can also get your bachelor's degree from an accredited university in broadcast journalism, multimedia, motion graphics, or a related field. In addition, some universities might have a specific video production program that you can take.

Look for opportunities with established videographers or a production company to get your leg in the door.

From there, you can begin your career and continue to rise up in the field.

Video Producer Jobs and Salary

producer salary

Popular job boards like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Monster.com are great places to begin your job search for your next video producer job.

However, you need to put in due diligence by building your portfolio and establishing contacts with people in the industry.

Networking is a big part of securing jobs in the film industry. Facebook groups and meetups are a great way to find opportunities.

For those looking to make a career transition, you might be wondering how much a video producer makes.

Well, there are many variables at play (including skill level and years of experience), but the average salary for a video producer in the United States is $63,636. This is only an average and the range is quite a bit wider depending on location, size of the agency, and skill level/experience.

With this information, you can put together a strong resume and application for video producer jobs and begin the interview process.

Successful Video Producers

Video Producers

Video producers bring effective, engaging video content to life. Their roles are dynamic and constantly changing depending on the project and team surrounding them.

The most successful video producers are adaptable and have clear creative direction as well as film knowledge. In addition, they should have strong time management, organizational, and communication skills.

With the right video producer leading the project, you can create meaningful video content that can be enjoyed by all those in your target audience.

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