The 7 Best Trending YouTube Video Ideas for Content Creators

YouTube Video Ideas for Content Creators
Photographer: Josh Miller | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Josh Miller | Source: Unsplash

Have you been searching for YouTube video ideas to start your YouTube channel but don’t know where to begin? Today, we’ll look at the 7 best YouTube video ideas for everyone, whether you’re a passionate content creator or a full-time marketer creating your first YouTube video.

Gaming Videos

Let’s take a minute to discuss the endless YouTube video ideas available to gamers.

First of all, you might be surprised to learn that there is an audience out there that would love to watch you play their favorite game – especially if you’re good at gaming. And now, thanks to screen recorders, you can stream your gameplay live on YouTube. Want to keep your viewers interested? Tell them about upcoming games you’re looking forward to or showing them behind-the-scenes footage.

Another option to position yourself as the ‘go-to gamer’ is to help your audience make more informed choices. You can do this by filming opinion videos of game reviews of the newest releases or comparing two games. Or great video ideas for beginner gamers is to can record in-depth reviews of gaming consoles, video games, and gadgets.

Another fun option is to make gaming parody videos. Not sure what we mean? This compilation list is worth checking out. And be sure to check out PewDiePie (probably one of the most popular gamer accounts) if you still need some inspiration.

Reaction Videos

There are two kinds of people: those who love reaction videos and those who don’t. But from the looks of this trend, this kind of video seems to be more loved than hated.

Looking for some YouTube channel ideas for reaction videos? You’re in luck because there are SO many content ideas for reaction videos. For the casual content creator, you could record your reactions to funny movie scenes, trailers, or music videos in real-time. Or you could take a look at what videos seem to be trending right now. Then create a reaction video by filming your reaction the first time you watch it. 

A similar type of video would be a first impression reaction video. If there’s a new or trending product in the market that you’re interested in, film a video so that your viewers can see how you react in an authentic way. A video like this could benefit your business in several ways. Firstly, it will allow your audience to see the fun and human side. But this will also help them to make an informed decision (so don’t be afraid to give your honest opinion!).

Some other YouTube video ideas for foodies include trying unfamiliar foods for the first time or completing hot sauce challenges. For animal lovers, you can try the blanket magic trick, the obstacle challenge, or eating invisible food to see how your pet reacts.

If you’re a fan of watching scary or funny videos, prank videos, or bloopers, creating reaction videos might be the type of video content for you!

Product Review Videos

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, 55% of consumers turn to video for guidance. That said, there is a growing trend for video product reviews. As the name implies, you can review new products or ones that are trending in the market. But if you want your review to have any value, make sure it’s honest and informative.

Rachel Palmieri, a new and popular beauty & fashion YouTuber, is the definition of this. She features weekly videos including beauty product reviews, unboxing videos, makeup tutorials, and walkthrough videos of her try-on hauls.

Aside from this, Rachel also shows how to stand out from the crowd. By having her boyfriend pick out the pallets for her, she incorporated her own spin on the "My Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge Videos." Maybe you can take a page from her book and put your own twist on an existing challenge.

Rachel is a great source of YouTube video ideas for anyone in beauty, fashion, and humor (join her 5.32K subscribers and subscribe to her YouTube channel!).

More YouTube Video Ideas for Marketers

Photographer: FORTYTWO | Source: Unsplash

To help you get started with your video marketing strategy, here are a few great ideas for your first YouTube channel.

YouTube Video Ideas for Behind-The-Scenes

Since 85% of people say videos help them communicate with brands more effectively, you should give this popular video type a try! Especially if you truly want to connect with your target audience.

Using a day-in-the-life video, you can show your customers what you do on a daily basis. Show them what you do in the morning or what your workspace looks like behind the scenes. This type of content can help them get to know who you are, what you believe in, and that you’re just like them. That’s what really helps you build that trust that’s so important.

YouTube Video Ideas for Live Q&A

Marketers are no stranger to conducting market research to get to know their ideal client. That’s why this YouTube video idea is great for marketing teams!

Think about doing a live Q&A video to interact with your audience during a webinar or live stream. With real-time feedback, you can determine what message resonates with your audience. And if you have a live chat section on YouTube, your audience can interact with you by sending you questions beforehand either in your social media comments section or by creating a separate form for them to fill out.

Engage Experts and Professionals in an Interview

Due to the popularity of video, vlogs (video blogs) and vodcasts (video podcasts) are becoming increasingly popular. Since people generally prefer video content over written or audio content, as it allows them to see your personality more clearly, it’s no wonder 24.2% check out podcasts on YouTube (that’s followed by Spotify (23.8%) and Apple Podcasts (16%))!

When it comes to YouTube video ideas, this method may not work for everyone. But if you already have a podcast, it might be something to consider. Particularly if you do interview-style podcasts. The interviews you conduct can be used to make educational videos or to share success stories.

How-to and Explainer Videos

The purpose of how-to videos is to answer people’s questions and to give them step-by-step, DIY video instructions on how to accomplish something they don’t know. These YouTube video ideas are especially useful when you’re launching a new course or product and trying to address potential objections. 

More than 80% of consumers will decide to buy a product after watching a YouTube video about it.

Explainer videos can help businesses explain what they do or how their products work to their audiences. You can create a short, high-quality animated video or an in-depth explanation to explain complex concepts.

One Final Tip

Once you’ve found the YouTube video ideas that work for you, don’t forget to create playlists for your channel! By using playlists, you can organize your videos according to themes and categories.

Let’s look at an example. Pretend you’re a real estate agent. You could start by recording client testimonials. Once you have those testimonials, you can create a playlist for those people looking to hire you. Another playlist you could create is one for virtual tour videos. By doing so, someone will be able to see them all in one place instead of scrolling through videos to find open houses. They can simply go to the playlist that corresponds to their needs.

According to a recent survey, 86% of marketers use video for marketing and 78% say videos have helped grow their businesses. More specifically, the average YouTube watcher spends 29 minutes and 37 seconds on YouTube each time they visitUsers access the site on average 62% daily, 92% weekly, and 98% monthly.

Whether from their laptops or apps on their iPhones, YouTube viewers are active! From simple life hacks to skits and list videos, there are so many creative YouTube video ideas out there for you to choose from. But the key is knowing and understanding your audience to know what type of video will really resonate with them.

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