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Unlock the full potential of YouTube marketing with our comprehensive guide on video marketing for social media- the YouTube edition. This guide unpacks the power of YouTube videos, highlighting their unmatched value. It reveals must-know specifications for your YouTube channel and practical tips to get the best results from your social media digital marketing.

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The Power of Social Media

Social media offers a platform to promote your products and create brand awareness, boosting customer engagement and establishing brand loyalty. This year, there are an estimated 4.89 billion social media users worldwide. That's a lot of opportunities to get your brand in front of new customers. Social platforms are a powerful medium to reach diverse demographics, and their daily use has significantly influenced consumer behavior.

As the world becomes more digitized, businesses must take advantage of the enormous power of social media marketing.

The Power of Social Media + The Power of Video

Attention all brands: it's time to embrace the undeniable power of video content. In today's world, we are constantly inundated with images. We see thousands of photos and ads everywhere, but what stands out among short attention spans and fierce competition for user engagement? Video.

Social media video content is more popular than other types of content and more likely to be shared, contributing to your brand's visibility and profitability. A whopping 91% of consumers crave more videos from their favorite brands, and social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram provide a prime opportunity for organic and paid reach.


A high-quality video can convey emotion, tell a story, and capture attention in a way that static images just can't. Video lets you create visually appealing content that engages your viewers and can lead to more conversions. By showing potential customers a glimpse of your brand and expertise in action, you connect with them on a deeper level. Moreover, video marketing statistics tell us that videos help keep your brand top of mind and increase your visibility in the long run, making them the most effective medium for social media video marketing.

  • 3.63 billion people watch videos on the internet each day. (That's almost half of the entire population of the world!)
  • 64% of global customers made a purchase after viewing a brand's social videos.
  • This year, video will be the most popular online content, accounting for 82.5% of all web traffic.
  • 92% of video marketers reported that digital videos give them a positive ROI, and 93%  say they landed new customers thanks to video marketing on social media.

Don't underestimate the power of video. It is an asset that your social media marketing campaign just can't do without.

Social Media Video + The Power of YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the world's top online free video-sharing and social media platform. It has become a global sensation since its creation in 2005. It's one of the most visited sites on the internet and is currently ranked as the second largest search engine after Google, generating more searches than Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and AOL combined. And with 2 billion monthly active users, this platform provides an incredible way for businesses to reach a vast audience.

Whether you're promoting your product or service or sharing information, YouTube marketing is an incredibly effective way to engage with potential customers through entertaining and informative video content. From increasing brand awareness to boosting website traffic and converting leads into sales, the benefits of YouTube marketing are numerous.

Let's look at 3 of the most popular types of marketing videos for your YouTube channel.

Educational Videos

Educational videos span a wide spectrum of subgenres, from tutorials to training videos. They are one of the most popular forms of video on YouTube and a great marketing tool. Their goal is to inform your viewers and elevate your credibility with them.

  • Keep them short, between one and three minutes.
  • Make these videos industry-specific, or base them on a current hot topic.
  • Have clear messaging and good quality.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are precisely what the name suggests - they explain a given topic by breaking it down into simple components. They introduce your audience to subjects related to your industry, brand, or product. Most people watch these to learn more about a product, and when they do, 89% are swayed to make a purchase.

  • These videos work well for top-of-funnel subjects.
  • Use simple language, not technical jargon.
  • The video can be 90 seconds long but put the key message in the first 30 seconds.
*Watch this example of an explainer video made for Anitian.

Product Reviews

Product reviews evaluate the quality and usefulness of products. They are an effective way to build trust with viewers and establish yourself as a reliable source for purchasing decisions.

  • Limit these videos to 3 minutes maximum.
  • Be sure to sound genuine, not too sales-y or scripted.
  • Make sure you show the real product put to use instead of just talking about it.

YouTube Marketing Video Specs and Tips

YouTube marketing can be a valuable tool for driving traffic and gaining customers. While this video platform offers plenty of potentials, it's important to remember that it is very competitive. Every single minute, hundreds of hours of new video content are uploaded to YouTube. If you want to succeed, you'll need more than just a few uploaded videos. A well-crafted strategy that includes proper forms and specs, high-quality content, and expert optimization is essential.

YouTube Marketing Video Forms

There are three main forms of YouTube content. Besides the standard long-form videos, there are also short-form videos and live-stream videos.

  • YouTube Shorts: In the style of TikTok videos, YouTube Shorts launched in 2021 and are perfect for promoting brief, fresh content. Shot vertically to fit mobile screens and lasting a mere 60 seconds, Shorts are a more casual and spontaneous kind of content that doesn't require much editing work. They offer an easy way to keep your channel exciting and active without taking up too much of your schedule.
  • YouTube Live: YouTube Live is an exciting live-streaming option. Connecting live with subscribers is a unique way for brands and creators to receive feedback and answer customer queries in real-time. It's popular for educational content, ask-me-anything sessions, and new product drops.

YouTube Marketing Video Specs

When beginning your YouTube journey, it is crucial to ensure that your content is excellent. Additionally, you need to upload it in the proper format to enhance your chances of receiving more views and audience engagement. As YouTube is about the viewing experience, it's critical to choose the most advantageous video upload formats.

That being said, one YouTube advantage over Facebook and Instagram is flexibility with video sizes, dimensions, and resolutions.

To ensure that your YouTube marketing videos have the highest possible quality, YouTube recommends using the following specs when uploading:
  • File format: Though they will accept files in the formats below, YouTube recommends uploading video files in the MP4 format.
  • Codec: MP4 video files should have an H.264 file container and an AAC-LC audio codec.
  • Aspect ratio. YouTube's standard aspect ratio (the video's dimension or size) is 16:9. You can upload both vertical and horizontal videos, but YouTube will automatically convert it to 16:9 for optimized video quality and pad the smaller aspect ratios with blank borders.
  • Video resolution. The ideal video resolution for YouTube is 1080p (1920×1080- HD). You can upload files as low as 240p (426x240) for slow connections or embedding on websites or as high as 2160p (3840×2160) for 4K video. If your resolution is lower than 1080p, however, you risk the quality of the video, and since many people watch YouTube on their phones, above 1080p resolution tends to be overkill.
  • Frame rate. YouTube suggests a frame rate in the 24–30 fps range. The rate is chosen during the filming process but can be converted during post-production as well.

Other important factors to consider:

  • YouTube always recommends uploading the video format as close as possible to the original.
  • The maximum YouTube video file size is 128GB.
  • The maximum YouTube video length is 12 hours.

YouTube Marketing Tips

Growing your YouTube marketing channel means attracting the right users with the right content. Great content isn't worth much if no one gets to see it. Try these tips to help improve your content, build views and subscribers, and make the most of your marketing strategy.


Creating content that resonates with your audience is crucial. Your main focus should be to cater to your audience's needs. Interact with your viewers, ask them questions, and act on their feedback.

If you're promoting your YouTube channel, start by researching your competitors' channels. Analyze which videos have the highest views and engagement. This valuable information can guide you on what topics your audience wants to see from you and the video style that they prefer.

Don't block your audience's ability to share and comment on your videos. Allow them to express themselves freely and spread the word. It's perfectly acceptable to moderate comments and weed out any offensive language, but avoid suppressing customers under the guise of "brand control." Feedback from your customers is incredibly valuable and serves as important market research.

If you already have videos on your channel, check your YouTube Analytics. This free and easy-to-use tool provides detailed information regarding audience demographics, location, engagement, and other necessary stats that can help you create impactful content.


YouTube has its own search engine optimization rules and algorithms, so properly optimizing your videos is critical.

Start with a focus keyword and use it strategically in your titles and descriptions to make them unforgettable. When it comes to video searches, the title has the most significant weight, so choose the first two words of your title wisely. To find the best keywords, use a keyword tool, and avoid keyword stuffing - only use keywords when they make sense. And when producing your video, be sure to mention your target keywords in the video itself to help YouTube understand your content better.

You'll get the desired ranking much more easily if you focus on long-form videos, product reviews, and how-to's revolving around specific keyword topics. YouTube is owned by Google, so doing this will increase the likelihood of appearing in higher positions on both search engine results pages.

You will also improve the visibility and relevance of your videos on YouTube by adding tags that provide more context about your content. But make sure to use the right metadata, as false or inappropriate tags can result in your video being flagged or removed. Incorporating hashtags in your video content will identify related topics. However, do not go overboard. Too many can seem “spammy”. We suggest using one to two hashtags in your title and three to five in your description.


YouTube algorithms recommend your videos to viewers, but you need to take matters into your own hands to get your video seen by as many people as possible.

Look beyond YouTube itself and leverage social media platforms. Embedding video content can increase conversions and decrease the bounce rate on your website. Share your videos in blog posts and through email marketing to reach a wider audience. Cross-promote your content by dropping links in video descriptions.

Another way to boost your YouTube channel's visibility is to create custom thumbnails. Your title and thumbnail are like a dynamic duo that can capture viewers' attention. When you upload a video, YouTube generates a default thumbnail from a random screenshot. This could be an unflattering shot or an unappealing transition. Creating custom thumbnails can make your videos more visually attractive and professional.

If you're ready to take your promotion to the next level, consider partnerships, collaborations, influencer marketing, or even paid advertising with YouTube Ads. These paid ads can play before, during, or after a video on the platform. There are specific requirements and lots of options for this platform, so be sure to learn about the parameters before starting.

Why is Video Marketing + YouTube Marketing a Winning Combo?


When people think of video marketing, chances are they think of YouTube. YouTube marketing is the perfect tool for growing your audience and increasing your engagement. Creating a YouTube marketing video strategy will help you find success on social media, but as platforms evolve, so must your tactics. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the best of your YouTube marketing plan.

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