Video Marketing Services: 5 Reasons to Use Video for Your Business

Video Marketing Services

Why Use Video Marketing Services?

Did you know that almost half of the internet users are searching for service or product videos before making a buying decision? In fact, video content has the highest ROI, according to 52% of marketing professionals worldwide. When you think about it, the influence video has isn’t really shocking. After all, the majority of information sent to our brain is visual. If visuals can significantly increase engagement, consider what video can do for your business through video marketing services.

Let's take a look at some of the advantages of video marketing services.

Build Trust With Your Audience


More and more consumers are searching for genuine connections and authenticity from the companies they buy from. Customers will continue to pass over your business if your brand doesn’t deliver these two things.

Developing long-term relationships begins by establishing trust –– and authenticity is essential. Video is an excellent way to establish that connection with your audience and lay the foundation for future interactions.

Crafting engaging, relevant content is a great place to start when it comes to creating an emotional connection. Of course, this can be done through blogs, social media posts, and even eBooks. But what better way to infuse personality than using video?

By allowing your audience to see the people behind the brand, watching a video humanizes your company. And that’s key. Remember, purchase decisions are influenced by emotion.

When brands are able to form connections with their customers, they’re able to create brand loyalty. And having loyal customers you can count on to buy your products or services is invaluable!

But it’s not just people who love videos...

Google Loves Videos

That's right, Google prefers video content over all other types of content.



Because videos increase the time users spend on your website.

And the more time people spend on your website, the more this lets Google (and other search engines) know your website has some good and relevant content. Because users are more inclined to stay on a site with video content, your overall SEO is likely to improve significantly in the long run.

Let’s take a minute to look at these 2021 video marketing stats:

  • Videos attract 300% more traffic and aid in the nurturing of leads. (MarketingSherpa)
  • If a website includes video, it is 53 times more likely to appear on Google's front page. (Insivia)
  • Including a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. (Unbounce)
  • Video boosts organic search traffic to a website by 157%. (Conversion XL)
  • Using the word "video" in an email's subject line can increase open rates by up to 19%. (HighQ)

And, of course, because Google owns YouTube, the influence videos have on your search engine ranking has increased significantly.

“It’s a very complicated world. It’s a very noisy world. And we are not gonna get a chance to get people to remember much about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us.” – Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple


Boost Conversions and ROI

Remember those landing page conversions stats we mentioned? (Conversions can be increased by up to 80% by simply including a product video on your landing page.)

This is probably because 96% of users watched a video explaining the product or service to learn more. And according to research, 74% of those users went on to buy the product or service.

Therefore, 45% of businesses using video as a marketing strategy have an explanatory video on their homepage. And 83% of them say their explanatory video on their homepage is effective!

So, if you're trying to explain a difficult concept, video can help you break it down in a simple and understandable manner. And if you're launching a new product or service, consider creating a video to show how it works to potential customers.

It’s time to get started creating exciting product videos!

P.S. Don't overlook animations. Animated videos are the perfect combination of fun and clarity. Trust us: they work.

Video Marketing Services

Instant Gratification and The Consumer

Let's face it: today's consumers want instant gratification. People don't have the time (or patience) to read lengthy descriptions, walls of text, or page after page of services in today's fast-paced society.

Because attention spans are shorter, customers want answers and don't want to dig for them. They'd rather be told everything they need to know in a few minutes than spend time searching for it. This is why video is ideal for busy consumers.

Potential customers can learn more about your company by watching a two-minute video than by reading about you on your website. As a result, they can make an instant decision whether or not to buy from you.

Even though consumers are seeking instant gratification, a quick two-minute video can actually keep users connected with you for a longer period of time. How? Because customers are less likely to leave your website because they couldn't quickly find what they were looking for.

Video is easy to consume, and this is why it’s a driving force in sales.

Video Encourages Social Shares

On social media platforms, video content is strongly encouraged. Instagram started with 60-second videos but has expanded into Instagram and IGTV. And, of course, YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world.

But video marketers need to bear in mind in the world of social media, people share more emotions than facts.

If a video is entertaining, 76% of users said they will share it with their friends. Be sure to keep that in mind as you create your content. Yes, provide value but don’t forget about the entertainment aspect!

Make sure your videos are enjoyable to encourage social sharing.

Video Marketing Services

There is an infinite number of video marketing services to choose from so it can be hard for a company to determine which one is best for them. And it's understandable that some businesses are still hesitant to use video for marketing. Whether they believe it's too time-consuming, expensive, or they simply lack experience. But, as more people use video in their daily lives, video cannot be ignored.

Video production is becoming more accessible and affordable. In fact, Levitate Media offers professional video services to businesses of all sizes and budgets. So, if you’re interested in introducing video into your marketing strategies, but don’t know where to start, contact us to find out more!