The Power of Recruitment Marketing Videos

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Recruitment marketing videos are revolutionizing how companies attract top talent. They’re no longer just an option but a pivotal element in hiring strategies. Video’s unmatched ability to authentically capture a company's culture and employer brand allows it to convey a clear, immersive view of what makes a workplace unique.

Additionally, job postings with videos receive more views and applications, proving the effectiveness and ROI of utilizing video in the competitive talent marketplace. Read on to learn how videos can enhance employer branding and give you an edge in the recruitment game. This article will explore the transformative power of recruitment marketing videos, their benefits, and the strategies to leverage them effectively for your brand.

The Evolution of Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing has evolved significantly from its humble beginnings, where "help wanted" signs were the norm. The emergence of online communities and social media platforms is transforming how information is shared and how companies engage with potential candidates. This shift requires a new level of transparency and authenticity from employers, as job seekers value direct engagement and insights into the company they are considering joining. In today's recruitment marketing landscape, recruiters must adapt to the latest technologies to remain competitive.

Videos continue to be powerful tools for employer branding, where they can highlight a company’s unique value proposition, cultivate a healthy workplace culture, and dramatically increase employee retention. But video’s role in recruitment marketing has become equally as vital. Video is a dynamic way to showcase a company's identity and values. Providing candidates with a better understanding of the workplace environment and their potential colleagues will significantly enhance the overall recruitment strategy and set companies apart in a candidate-driven job market.

Why Video is Transformative in Recruitment

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The strategic use of video content can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with traditional recruitment efforts and, more importantly, help attract top talent to your position. It allows for a more efficient screening process, reaches a wider audience, and can save on expenses related to job promotion and candidate travel for interviews. The return on investment is clear, with 85% of talent professionals affirming great ROI from video in recruitment. Here are some statistics highlighting the transformative power of video in recruitment:

  1. Enhanced Engagement: Job ads with embedded video see an astounding 800% more engagement. This level of interaction indicates how compelling video content can be, capturing attention in ways that text simply cannot.
  2. Increased Application Rates: According to CareerBuilder, incorporating videos into job postings boosts views by 12% and leads to a 34% greater application rate. This suggests that videos not only draw potential candidates in but also inspire them to take action.
  3. Wider Reach: On platforms like LinkedIn, video posts are shared 20 times more than other formats. This extended reach is crucial for tapping into passive candidate pools and maximizing the visibility of your job openings.
  4. Boosts Traffic: Brightcove says that video increases organic traffic from search engine results pages (SERP) by up to 157%. Company career pages can rank higher with videos.

Benefits of Recruitment Marketing Videos

Videos establish an emotional connection that written content cannot match, which makes them an essential element in employer branding and recruitment. By showcasing actual employees and day-to-day operations, these types of videos help candidates visualize themselves within your organization and assess cultural fit before even applying. This has multiple benefits, from helping to identify candidates in the short term to reducing turnover in the long term.

Here are a few more key advantages:

  • Attracting the Best Talent: Video can authentically showcase your company's culture and values and highlight your unique employer value proposition in a more meaningful way than bulleted text. This not only distinguishes your company for those searching in a candidate-driven job market, but it also allows for quick and easy sharing, dramatically expanding your reach.
  • Efficiency in Screening: Video allows candidates to quickly ascertain their interest in a job, which saves time for both the job seeker and the recruiter. In addition, by immersing a potential candidate in your culture, you're more likely to attract talent that is a good fit for your organization and aligns with your company's ethos. This can have a huge long-term impact on growth and stability.
  • Improved Candidate Experience: Providing a clear understanding of the company and its culture through video improves the candidate's journey. It allows them to make informed decisions about their applications and maintains their engagement throughout the recruitment process.

Types of Effective Recruitment Videos

Various types of videos serve distinct purposes, each contributing to a comprehensive employer branding and recruitment marketing strategy. Here are some effective types of recruitment videos:

  • About Us Video: About Us Videos provide candidates with a clear overview of your company's history, mission, and core values. In short, tell your story. These “bigger picture” videos stoke a sense of passion and pride in current employees but can also be very persuasive in the job market, where many candidates value meaningful work as much as (if not more than) a higher offer from a workplace where they feel disengaged.
Think of this video as someone asking “What do you do for a living?” In the Reactivate About Us Video example, the answer isn’t simply “we develop solar energy projects.” It’s “We create meaningful social impact.” Your answer might not be world-changing, but it should highlight what makes your work meaningful.
  • Company Culture Video: Company Culture Videos vary in style as much as actual company cultures! But almost all give candidates a peek into what it’s like to be part of the team, with emphasis on what makes it unique and why it’s a great place to work. Avoid confusing benefits, perks, and flashy amenities with company culture. Instead, think of it as the interworking of relationships, practices, shared norms, and behaviors that collectively define your culture. Some common points of focus include trust, values, leadership, communication, diversity & inclusion, recognition, innovation, behavior, credibility, respect & fairness, and transparency.
Day-in-the-Life walkthroughs allow candidates to actually visualize themselves in the role and assess the cultural fit. Or, as you can see in the Uplift Games Company Culture Video, Employee Testimonials are powerful, and can significantly influence potential candidates by expressing your culture through the authentic voice and experience of current employees.

Utilizing a mix of these video types and tactics throughout the recruitment process can keep applicants engaged and provide valuable insights into your company's environment and opportunities. Look here for some video examples from Levitate Media.

Distributing Video Recruitment Marketing

When considering the distribution strategies for your recruitment videos, it's essential to focus on platforms and methods to enhance your employer branding while reaching a broad audience of potential applicants. Here are some effective strategies to ensure your recruitment marketing efforts are successful:

  1. Website Integration: Embedding your recruitment videos directly on your career site can significantly impact job seekers actively searching for positions. By visually representing what to expect, you keep applicants engaged and connected to your brand.
  2. Social Media Sharing: Utilize the power of social networks to expand your reach. Sharing your videos on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can engage a wider audience and encourage social sharing, further amplifying your message. Encourage employees to share these videos to leverage their networks and add authenticity to your employer branding efforts.
  3. Continuous Engagement: Distribute your recruitment videos to applicants throughout the hiring process. This will keep them informed and maintain their interest and engagement with your company, reinforcing your employer branding with every interaction.

Remember, the key elements of a successful recruitment video include being authentic, concise, dynamic, and having a clear call to action. Define objectives for your recruitment videos, whether to increase your talent pool, showcase company culture, or improve candidate experience, and then tailor your distribution strategy accordingly. Effective distribution highlights your employer brand and creates a more strategic and engaging approach to attracting top talent.


By fostering a genuine connection with candidates and vividly conveying expectations, recruitment marketing videos set a new standard for how companies attract, engage, and hire top talent. Its dynamic and immersive nature goes beyond employer branding to become an essential element of effective recruitment.

Videos serve as a bridge connecting potential candidates to the heart of an organization, illustrating job roles and company culture in a way that words alone cannot match. This advanced strategy increases engagement and application rates and significantly improves the depth and efficiency of the talent acquisition process, making it a cornerstone of modern hiring practices.

Ready to harness the power of recruitment marketing videos? Contact Levitate Media and start making captivating videos that strengthen your employer brand and enhance your hiring efforts!