How to Attract Millennial Talent with Culture Videos

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Let’s face it – Millenials are taking over today’s workforce, and taking in roles of the new types of company culture. As Gen Xers grow older and take the place of the retiring Baby Boomers, Millenials will soon be in most workplaces across the country.

Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for newer and younger talent, you’ll have to factor in how to make your recruiting efforts appeal to Millenials.

It’s not rocket science, folks. Here are five ways you can attract more Millennial talent to your company with a custom culture video.

1. Be Honest

You must be honest while filming your culture video. You shouldn’t try to paint your organization as a portrait of something unreal.

For example, don’t overly brag that your office has a game room where employees can play all day. Be honest – companies live on productivity, and that would be impossible to manage.

Instead, you could talk about how your office has a game room they can take advantage of on their break or during downtime.

2. Avoid Cringe-Worthy Speech

When you were younger, did you hate it when your parents tried to speak the same language as you? If so, you shouldn’t resort to the same tactic to convince Millenial talent that your company is “cool.”

With that said, avoid “meme-speak” that will make your company seem disingenuous.

3. Show Don’t Tell

Often, business leaders make the mistake of regurgitating their mission statements and using dreary, annoying corporate jargon in culture videos that completely miss the mark.

Ultimately, your video shouldn’t tell prospects why your company is an ideal choice for them. It should be demonstrative in your recruiting efforts.

Share authentic video and audio bits that make your company shine and stand out. The last thing you want in your videos is a Baby Boomer making general, copy-pasted statements about your company.

4. Talk About Intangible Work Qualities

It isn’t the 1930s anymore. Work unions exist, and people now have standards about which jobs they’ll take on and which ones they’ll ignore.

For this reason, get personal and announce intangible qualities your workplace offers, such as job security, work-life balance, and fulfillment.

People nowadays want more than a job. They want to feel empowered every single day and be a part of something ambitious. There are thousands of jobs out there. Your video should speak volumes regarding what you will offer besides financial incentives.

5. Talk About Advancement

Many Millenials don’t have much “corporate loyalty.” This means that if you aren’t going to commit to your employees, they’ll feel reluctant to commit to you.

Contrary to public opinion, Millennials are hard workers, and they are willing to put in the extra effort for organizations that support them. In your video, mention opportunities for your prospects to advance if they work hard.

Create Your Culture Video Today!

With Levitate, it has never been easier to create a culture video for your business.

Over the years, we have created engaging culture videos for our clients. Our Production team uses advanced technology from the ideation stage to the delivery of the final video.

Critical components to developing your video include:

  • Partner with our team to create a storyline that showcases essential elements of your firm and addresses possible questions from the audience.
  • Planning on executing an on-site video shoot with your key team members and B-roll footage highlighting what it’s like looking in from the outside.
  • Post-production editing that puts everything together.

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