Video: The Latest Trend in Corporate Recruitment

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Video Recruitment

“Video recruitment is one method, if not the best, to display company culture and opportunities in a fun way.” – Taft Sanders, Founder & Principal, Circle40, LLC

There are many reasons that using video will increase your recruitment game immediately.  Not only is video engaging to future candidates, but it helps them get to know what your company is all about.  Video can be watched and shared easily at any time, making it simple to reach people quickly and effectively.  Video is a must for your recruitment process – read on to find out why.

#1: Video engages candidates

When people can see or hear a message instead of simply reading it, it makes more of an impact.  Visual storytelling helps people to better comprehend and retain information and is likely to pique the interest of a candidate who is considering multiple opportunities.  Simply put – people love visuals and videos, so use them to your advantage!

This recruitment video engages candidates by appealing to their sense of belonging and desire to enjoy going to work.

#2 Video shows the real you

Using video in your recruitment process allows you to present your company’s true culture and personality to candidates.

“Selling ‘Company Culture’ is integral to attracting top talent with similar mindsets and working attitudes.  Video is the most impactful way to sell vision, culture, and opportunity.  It gives companies the opportunity to produce candid interviews with current employees displaying why they love working for the company.”  -Taft Sanders, Founder & Principal, Circle40, LLC

By letting candidates know “the real you” upfront, you will increase the likelihood of ensuring that applicants are a good fit.  If your mission and culture do not mesh with a candidate’s idea of where he/she would like to work, they likely will not even apply.  Conversely, candidates will be excited to apply to a company whose culture and ideals they find appealing and in line with their own.

Here is an example of a recruitment video that gives viewers a true sense of the company’s culture.

#3 Videos can be watched anywhere, anytime

Millions of videos are watched on Facebook daily.  Billions of videos are shared on Snapchat and Instagram.  Videos are watched on laptops and tablets and they’re also mobile-friendly.  In fact, mobile video usage has increased by almost 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last few years, and that number is likely to keep growing.  Videos are watched while waiting in line to get coffee while traveling to the airport, and while waiting for the water to boil before dinner.  A well-designed video that engrosses viewers will be shared and viewed and shared again on social media, thus spreading your company name and your message far and wide, potentially reaching millions of viewers.

This recruitment video makes a big impact in a small amount of time, which can be great for people-watching anywhere!

#4 Video gets [search] results!

Pages with video get higher search results on Google.  Your presence on search engines could increase exponentially once you include video on your company’s homepage.  Candidates that are searching for jobs are more likely to come across your job posting and your company if you’ve used a video. Furthermore, candidates are more likely to click on your website or job posting if they see that a video is included.

#5 Video is an affordable and efficient recruiter

Video helps you reach more people in a shorter amount of time.  Rather than spending time and money physically trying to connect with people around the world or across the globe, you can create and share a video that can potentially reach millions of people very quickly.  This can reduce the amount of time you spend on the recruiting and hiring process, getting candidates employed for you and ready to work quickly.

Videos like the one below can do the recruiting for you by letting candidates know why your company is such a great place to work.

Using video in your recruitment process is one of the quickest ways to improve your strategy and attract new candidates.  For more information about how you can make video work for you and showcase your company, contact

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