8 Easy Tips for How to Nail Your On-Camera Interview

10 Tips for How to Nail Your On-Camera Interview
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Back in 2020, we were all thrown into the world of video meetings, video conferences, and video interviews seemingly overnight. Even after all of our experience during the pandemic, the idea of getting on camera to interview can still feel pretty daunting. Whether you’re hopping on Skype for a job interview for remote work, or you’re being interviewed for a client testimonial, we’ll give you our top 8 tips for how to nail your on-camera interview.

How to Nail Your On-Camera Interview Tip 1: Minimize Distractions

We’ve all seen those viral videos of toddlers bursting into mum or dad’s office while they’re in the middle of an important Zoom interview or video call. So if you’re about to get on camera for a video interview and live with family members, make sure they know that you’ll be video conferencing!

Bonus tip: Make sure your phones and other devices are turned off (or at least set to silent!). You don’t want to lose your focus to the sound of pinging texts or pop-up notifications.

There are, of course, other ways to become distracted – these include your own thoughts. If you’ve been asked to do a client testimonial, don’t get distracted by overthinking your answers. Let them flow naturally. And if you’re the interviewer, it may help to give your client the list of interview questions just before their interview so they don’t get hung up or pause while thinking about what to say.

Tip 2: Dress to Impress

When it comes to how to nail your on-camera interview, you may not even realize how important your clothes are. While PJs might be the new pantsuit, these stats show just how important it is to be mindful of how you dress (though we’re not saying you have to show up in a suit and tie, blazer, or pantsuit).

Bonus tip: Try to avoid bright and busy patterns (such as paisley, or small polka dots). These can look blurry on camera. Stripes are also another no-no. They can actually come across as distracting and even be visually distorting.

Tip 3: Mind Your Position in an On-Camera Interview

Did you know 93% of all communication is nonverbal? Therefore, it’s important for your interviewers to be able to see your facial expressions, body language, and maintain eye contact with you.

Even though you’ll want to sit up straight in your chair, don’t sit rigidly. Your body language should reflect your interest and engagement. Even a small gesture, such as leaning in a few inches, will be enough to convey your curiosity. These tips are applicable to both webcam interviews and in-person interviews.

10 Tips for How to Nail Your On-Camera Interview

Tip 4: Talk to the Camera

While it can feel impersonal to talk to a camera, try to ignore it and picture yourself talking to a real person (because, well, you are!). If you want to know how to nail your on-camera interview, focus on the in-person interview. Engage in conversation and pay attention to their follow-up questions.

Bonus tip: Your nonverbal communication is important here, so maintain good posture, eye contact and be sure to SMILE. It’s a good way to convey your honesty and confidence.

Tip 5: Be Yourself During Your On-Camera Interview

We tend to become hyperaware of how we look, act, and speak on camera. Have you ever started talking and thought, “wait, is that really how I sound?” But try to silence that over-analytical inner critic and go against your natural instincts of trying to change yourself.

Bonus tip: If you're not sure what to do with your hands, dont worry! A natural part of expressing yourself in conversation is to use hand gestures. You shouldnt be self-conscious about it, in fact, it only makes your testimonial more natural.

Tip 6: Don’t Get In Your Own Head

This tip is probably easier said than done, but don’t overthink it. You aren’t going to learn how to nail an interview on camera from doing that! While you want to prepare for your interview, you don’t want to go overboard to the point where everything sounds rehearsed. You definitely don’t want to sound like you’re reading off of a script! Instead, you want to come across at ease and as natural as possible.

Bonus tip: Remember, no one is perfect and the beauty of it is no one is expecting you to be. It’s okay to make mistakes. If you stumble over your words, simply start your sentence again.

10 Tips for How to Nail Your On-Camera Interview

Tip 7: Location, Location, Location Is Your Ticket to Acing the On-Camera Interview

We’ve already covered the positioning of your camera. Now let’s talk about how to nail your on-camera interview by discussing your physical location. You want to make sure your background is non-distracting (try to choose a room with clean, neutral-colored walls). And, if you can, find a space without clutter and a good natural light source.

Having said that, make sure the location you pick is relevant to your company. If you own a brewery, having a coffee shop as the backdrop wouldn’t be ideal, right? But if you’re a lawn care company, conducting your interview outside makes total sense.

Bonus tip: Have a virtual interview? Try out a virtual background! While not always ideal, it’s better than having background distractions.

Tip 8: Do a Trial Run

Out of all the tips that can help you nail your on-camera interview, the most crucial involves the technical aspect. In case your client testimonials are being recorded remotely, you should try out your video or phone interview questions ahead of time to avoid having technical difficulties midway through the interview. Test out your wifi. Make sure you have a solid internet connection. Using new apps or video software for your interview? Try that out, too!

Bonus tip: Ask a friend or family member to video chat with you using that platform. You want to make sure you can see and hear clearly (and more importantly, be seen and heard clearly in return!). Get acquainted with whatever program you’re using to avoid fumbling around learning how to mute, chat, or turn on your video.

Producing video testimonials is an integral part of your video marketing strategy (according to Social Fresh, 89% of consumers rate customer testimonials as effective in content marketing!). If you’re ready to attract more clients and help them form a better emotional connection to your business, reach out today!