Best Video Types for Small Business Video Marketing

Part 2 | Rounding Out The Essential Video Toolkit for Growth

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Our recent blog on Essential Videos for Small Business Growth delved into the first three videos every small business should leverage for growth and scalability in their small business video marketing plan. Today, we're continuing that journey with part two: Rounding out your small business video toolkit. We’ll explore three additional videos that can take your small business video marketing to new heights. These worthwhile tools can empower small businesses with actionable knowledge, transforming potential obstacles into opportunities for success. Let's dive into these important videos and uncover how they can be the catalyst for your business's next big leap.

Why Growing Businesses Need Video

Every small business aspires to broaden its reach and scale new heights. However, knowing the best ways to achieve growth can be challenging. Based on marketing trends and today's digital marketplace, one tool proves indispensable. To captivate fresh audiences, connect with existing customers, and turbocharge sales, growing businesses need to embrace video marketing.

There are pages of statistics out there confirming that video marketing is a good way to grow business. However, when it comes to small business marketing, research shows that using video can affect growth exponentially. The bottom line is that video can do the following for a small business:

Increase Your Engagement

Many people spend their spare time watching videos. The number of digital video viewers worldwide is almost 3.5 billion. Additionally, when engaging with a brand, most consumers prefer video as a source of trustworthy and appealing information. Online video content communicates with your target customer in impactful ways.

Increase Your Visibility

Competing for market share can be rough in a sea of established brands with loyal audiences. Small business video marketing can help you stand out and stay afloat. Wyzowl reported that 90% of video marketers say video increases brand awareness. To compete with larger brands and reach new audiences, you must increase your visibility.

Increase Your ROI

Some of the biggest benefits of small business videos are increasing leads, conversions, and retention. Investing in a small business video offers incredible bang for your buck. In fact, according to SCORE, 87% of small business marketers had a positive ROI using digital video.

Essential Videos for Small Business Video Marketing

It's clear that videos are effective and valuable assets in small business marketing. But choosing the right video to fit your small business goals ensures your investment is well spent. Based on our years of industry experience, several types of videos have consistently demonstrated their ability to drive business growth and scalability. Incorporating the following three types of videos into your marketing toolkit can help you achieve your goals.

1. Customer Testimonial Videos - Proving Your Value

Customer testimonial videos are a powerful tool in your small business video marketing strategy. They provide tangible evidence of the value that your small business brings to the table. These videos offer genuine insights from satisfied customers, which can significantly influence the decision-making process of potential clients.

Testimonial videos are compelling because they provide social proof, harnessing the influence of word-of-mouth in a digital format. By showcasing real stories and experiences with your products or services, you build credibility and trust- two essential elements for customer acquisition and retention.

Why Testimonial Videos Help Small Business Growth

  • Authenticity: In the modern market landscape, connecting authentically with your audience isn't just an option; it's imperative. This type of small business video is a potent tool to build that connection because it provides a real-life, relatable story.
  • Credibility: Testimonials are not just claims by your business about your product or service; they're actual endorsements by those who've experienced it. This peer-to-peer recommendation harnesses the psychological principle of social proof, exponentially amplifying your SMB's credibility and trustworthiness.
  • Conversion: If a potential customer is on the fence, watching a Testimonial video could be the nudge they need to make a decision in your favor. Seeing honest stories of people who benefited from your product or service creates a sense of urgency to move forward with their purchase.

Testimonial Video Styles for Your Small Business

  • Interview: Perhaps the most straightforward and authentic form of customer feedback is the one-on-one conversation. This video involves a personal interaction between a customer and a company representative, allowing for a deeper understanding of the customer's experience.
  • Narrative: This powerful storytelling style recounts a customer's journey, from the challenge they faced to the solution provided by your business. It humanizes your brand and resonates with the target audience, creating an emotional connection and positioning your SMB as the solution to their problem.
  • Group Discussion: To showcase a broad range of opinions and business applications, you can bring together several customers with varying backgrounds and use cases. An honest discussion about their experiences gives viewers a deeper understanding of how customers interact with your product, what they value most, and what challenges they face.
  • On-Site Testimonial: On-site Testimonials add a layer of context and realism to your video. Filming in an environment where your product or service is used exemplifies a real-world situation. This builds credibility and helps potential customers to see themselves using your product or service.

How to Utilize Testimonial Videos

  • Websites: A dedicated testimonials page or a video snippet on the homepage can create an immediate impact.
  • Social Media Channels: Storytelling thrives on social media and can be shared widely and easily.
  • Email Campaigns: Including a Testimonial video in an SMB email campaign can provide a personal touch to your message.

Getting the Best Testimonial For A Small Business Video

  • Authenticity is Key: Scripted Testimonials can feel disingenuous. Choose customers who are genuinely happy with your product or service and allow them to speak in their own words.
  • Quality Matters: You might have your script down, but if your small business video has poor audio or video quality, it will diminish your credibility and distract from the message.
  • Focus on Specific Benefits: Rather than a generic endorsement, Testimonials that highlight specific benefits of your product or service can be more persuasive.
  • Keep it Concise: Aim for videos that are impactful yet brief. Ideally, this small business videos should be no longer than a couple of minutes.
  • End with a Call to Action: Encourage the viewers to take the next step, be it visiting your website, signing up for a trial, or making a purchase.
This narrative-style Testimonial video follows the journey of a happy dental client. She speaks candidly about her complex needs, where other dentists fell short, and how Riley Dental Group finally helped her achieve her goals.

Harnessing the potential of Testimonial videos requires a nuanced understanding of what makes them work - authenticity, engagement, and a strategic approach to storytelling. Remember that the ultimate goal is to foster a deeper, trust-based connection with your potential customers. This isn't merely about showcasing your offerings but building a community of satisfied, vocal supporters. In a world where personal recommendations hold immense value, mastering the art of the testimonial video can set your business on a trajectory of meaningful and sustained growth.

2. FAQ Videos - Anticipating Customer Needs

FAQ videos give you a place to address Frequently Asked Questions. They offer a blend of informative and engaging content that anticipates and meets the needs of customers, business partners, vendors, and even new hires. Proactively answering common questions creates a seamless experience for your viewers, reducing friction and uncertainties that could otherwise hinder their decision-making process.

Sometimes, people just need help with a basic question that has a simple solution. However, the goal of FAQ videos is not just to provide information, but also to establish your brand as an expert in your industry. This small business video will enhance your credibility and position you as a trustworthy resource for potential solutions-seeking customers.

How FAQs Foster Growth

  • Time & Money: Regardless of the size of your business, questions that require answers will inevitably arise. They can come often and be repetitive. Creating an FAQ video lets you stay ahead of these common inquiries. Thus, it saves you the time and effort of addressing questions individually and gives your customer service team a chance to focus on more critical matters.
  • Nurturing Leads: Customers often have questions during the decision stage of their journey, and like most of us, they don't want to wait. Providing them easy access to clear answers upfront can help you gain their trust and stand out among the competition. When viewers visit your website or join your email list looking for reliable information, these small business videos will help nurture those leads.
  • Retained Information: FAQ videos can significantly enhance knowledge retention. Studies have shown that individuals retain 95% of information presented in a video format, compared to 10% when read in text form. By providing video responses to frequently asked questions, your audience is almost ten times more likely to remember the answers. This reduces confusion, builds confidence, and decreases the likelihood of repeated inquiries.

Effective FAQ Styles For A Small Business Video

  • Live Action: In this common format, a knowledgeable expert addresses the FAQs straight-to-camera in a professional but welcoming environment. The expert provides clear and concise answers, often with supporting graphics or text overlays highlighting important information.
  • Narrative with Animation: This style involves a narrator guiding the viewer through the FAQs, accompanied by animated visuals that illustrate key points. The animation can range from simple iconography to more elaborate infographics and character-driven storytelling.
  • Screen Recording with Voiceover: This small business video style involves recording the computer screen while navigating relevant software, websites, or other digital platforms. A voiceover guides the viewer step-by-step, explaining what is happening on the screen in real-time. It is ideal for technical FAQs, troubleshooting, software tutorials, and SaaS companies.
  • Interactive Q&A Format: This video style is an interactive session where viewers can choose which FAQs they want to explore through clickable links or embedded timestamps. The host introduces the session and provides brief explanations before allowing viewers to navigate to their questions of interest.

Where to Utilize FAQ Videos

  • On-Boarding: FAQ videos can be a helpful part of an on-boarding funnel. Address questions that might be asked by new customers, new partners, or new hires.
  • Sales Tools: Make quick links accessible to your sales team. If a prospect has a question you've answered in an FAQ video, your team can quickly provide the link to enhance their response.
  • FAQ Page: The first place to include an FAQ video is on your website. A dedicated FAQ landing page can improve customer support and increase conversion rates.
  • Retargeting Viewers: Generate continued loyalty by sending FAQ videos to people who've already visited your site or supported your business. Include them in email funnels, blogs, and newsletters.

Creating Quality FAQ Videos

  • Identify Common Questions: The first step to making FAQ videos is identifying the most frequent and pressing questions your customers ask. Gather this data by delving into your customer service logs, social media inquiries, or product reviews. Consider surveying prospective customers for questions they have yet to ask.
  • Don't Skip the Script: A solid script for an FAQ video is crucial. Dedicate time and effort to crafting answers with clear, concise, and easy-to-follow information. Be honest and straightforward, and avoid industry jargon. Use credible details, but don't overwhelm your audience with lots of boring facts.
  • Have Fun: Show off your personality! Viewers will connect with you more if you have fun and relatable dialogue that lets them get a feel for your brand and culture. Instead of presenting a monotonous list of Q&As, consider incorporating storytelling elements or scenarios where these questions naturally arise.
  • Be Quick: Viewers will click away from your video if they don't quickly find the information they seek. Avoiding rambling answers is helpful, but pay attention to keeping things concise in all phases of production.
  • Edit and Review: Good editing is vital to ensuring your small business video is clear and precise. Once edited, review the final product to make sure it accurately answers the FAQs and keeps your viewers interested.

This narrated motion graphic FAQ video creatively answers questions in an easy-to-follow flow. It addresses concerns where they might naturally arrive.

FAQ videos effectively address common questions and concerns while establishing your brand's authority and expertise. You can engage your audience and provide valuable solutions by creating informative videos incorporating storytelling elements and real-life examples. Remember to use language accessible to a broad range of viewers and support your answers with credible sources and data. With well-crafted FAQ videos, you can enhance the user experience, build trust, and drive conversions.

3. Behind The Scenes Videos- Unveiling the Curtain

To have sustainable growth, you need to gain the trust of your customers. Behind-the-scenes videos (BTS) help foster authenticity and connectivity. They are not just snapshots of what happens in day-to-day operations. They serve as a window for your audience, giving them a clear and intimate view of your business.

A Behind The Scenes small business video provides a glimpse into the processes, people, and perseverance that define a business away from the public eye. It might showcase what goes into creating your product, the ethos of your workspace, or even your team's camaraderie. It's a raw, unfiltered look at the heart of a business, designed not just to inform but to engage and resonate on a human level.

Why BTS Is A Valuable Video for Growth

  • Establishing Loyalty: Establishing a loyal community is crucial for small businesses. BTS videos play a significant role in achieving this by humanizing your brand and creating a positive brand sentiment. They allow customers to form a personal connection with your SMB, seeing the faces and hearing the stories behind your products or services.
  • Developing Trust: In the era of information overload, consumers yearn for transparency and authenticity. In fact, 86% of consumers say authenticity is a key factor in what brands they like and support. By pulling back the curtain, businesses can differentiate themselves, build stronger relationships, and ultimately cultivate trust.
  • Enhancing Narrative: This type of small business video can enhance a brand's narrative, adding depth and context to its products or services. It highlights the craftsmanship, dedication, and values often overshadowed by the end result. This enriched storytelling attracts customers and nurtures a community of advocates and ambassadors.

Best BTS Videos for Your Business

  • Day-to-Day Operations: Offering a glimpse into the daily workings of your business, you can showcase everything from brainstorming to customer interactions.
  • Making of a Product: Highlight the craftsmanship and care that goes into creating your product. This BTS video details the process from conception to completion.
  • Event Preparation: Whether setting up a trade show booth or decorating a space for a product launch, this type of small business video captures the excitement and hard work involved in preparing for events.
  • Employee Spotlight: These videos focus on the individuals that make up your business. Use them to share their stories, roles, and personal insights.
  • Customer Experiences: This type of BTS video features real customers using your products or services, genuinely endorsing what you offer.

Utilizing Behind The Scenes Videos

  • Social Media: BTS videos are versatile and valuable social media content. Use them to promote your brand and provide the authenticity people crave. Get creative and include them in vlogs, live streams, carousels, and reels.
  • Websites: Integrating behind-the-scenes videos on your website can significantly enhance audience engagement by providing deeper insight into your processes and team dynamics. To maximize engagement, place this small business video in an easily accessible section of your website or position it prominently on the homepage to immediately captivate users.
  • Email Marketing: Incorporate BTS videos in your email marketing campaigns to highlight the unique processes and team efforts that drive your success. These videos provide an ongoing narrative that can engage your audience, keep them informed, and build anticipation for future developments and growth.

Tips For Compelling Behind The Scenes Videos

  • Plan with Purpose: Identify what unique aspects of your business can captivate your audience. It could be your innovative process, your commitment to sustainability, or the close-knit nature of your team. Whatever you choose, it should underscore your brand's values and proposition.
  • Keep It Natural: While planning is crucial, over-scripting can dilute authenticity. The charm of BTS content lies in its raw, unpolished nature. Be professional, but allow for vulnerability or humor. Try capturing spontaneous moments and genuine reactions.
  • Tell A Story: Always have a narrative thread that guides this small business video. Tell your story, but make sure it has a clear beginning, middle, and end, making it engaging and memorable.
  • Encourage Engagement: Use BTS videos to invite conversation and feedback. Encourage viewers to share their thoughts and experiences. This not only builds community, but also provides invaluable insights into your audience's preferences.
  • Leverage Cross-Platform Visibility: Use your BTS content across multiple platforms to reach a broader audience. Tailor your content accordingly, whether it's a longer version for YouTube or snippets for Instagram stories. One of the beauties of this type of video is that you can easily repurpose them for various content and campaigns, including everything from podcasts to recruitment videos.

This engaging BTS video highlights the manufacturing of products in the Baker plant, using well-timed music and text to draw the viewer in. Though it is currently a recruitment video, it has an excellent capacity for use in other contexts.

Behind-the-scenes videos are more than just a marketing tactic; they are a testament to a business's ethos, hard work, and the people behind its success. By offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of your operations, you invite customers to join you on your business journey where they can form deep, meaningful connections. For a growing business, this level of engagement can be transformative, turning casual customers into committed brand advocates. Embrace the authenticity, tell your story, and watch as your small business video unfolds into a narrative of growth and inspiration.

Final Thoughts on Small Business Video Marketing

We all realize video content is central to today's marketing success, but knowing which small business video will best serve your bottom line can be confusing. We hope we provided some clarity by highlighting three more videos that are pivotal to business growth. From establishing credibility and showcasing your unique value proposition to educating viewers and fostering a sense of community, utilizing these videos can elevate your brand and foster meaningful connections with your audience.

If you are ready to scale up your small business video marketing plan, Levitate Media can get you started. Incorporating strategic video elements into your marketing plan will put you on the path to rapid growth. Contact us to learn more about creating high-quality videos to take your success to new heights.