AI Content Writing Tools: Reviewing the Game-Changers

The Rise of AI Content Writing: A Paradigm Shift for Writers

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I learned a great piece of advice from watching cartoons in the 80s, and it feels incredibly applicable in this ever-evolving digital age. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." I enjoy writing. I've been putting pen to paper since childhood, and I will admit the advent of AI and its potential effects on the art of writing terrified me. However, whether I liked it or not, AI content writing was proving to be the future of writing assistance, especially in marketing. In fact, 77% of marketers think AI helps them create content more efficiently, and 79% agree it can improve the quality of their content.

Since I dabble in writing blog posts, I decided that instead of fighting progress, I would check out what Artificial Intelligence has to offer in the way of AI content writing tools. So, recently (and somewhat reluctantly), I embarked on an educational journey, exploring AI content writing tools, namely, Jasper AI, Writesonic, and Anyword. And I was pleasantly surprised at what I discovered.

This article describes my personal experiences and insights with these cutting-edge tools. If you are a writer, content creator, marketer, business owner, or just curious about what AI content writing tools offer, grab a pen and paper to take notes on what I learned about AI-driven content generation using the leading technology. You'll see how these platforms can help your writing process and maybe even boost your creativity. AI is here to stay, so we might as well "join 'em" and make our lives a bit easier in the process.

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Navigating the Expanding Landscape of AI Content Writing Platforms

As someone invested in content writing, I understand the constant pursuit of captivating and compelling storytelling. Sometimes though, it feels like a lot of work. Because to get your content viewed, liked, and shared, we need to be mindful of keywords, SEO, brand voice, CTAs… you know the buzzwords. So, with the increasing demand for high-quality content across multiple digital platforms, the need for helpful AI content writing tools has grown exponentially. From natural language generation to content optimization, these AI writing assistants offer various features that cater to specific content writing needs.

As the landscape expands, navigating the options and selecting the right tool becomes critical. I chose to evaluate the following three platforms because they have a wide variety of valuable features, the most human-like writing, and, frankly, seem to be the favorites among content creators.

Jasper AI content writing tool

Versatile AI Content Writing At Its Best

This platform was my first experience with AI content writing. Jasper AI really is an innovative AI writing platform. Accordingly, it has gained a lot of attention in the content creation sphere. Jasper boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both seasoned writers and those just starting their content creation journey.

As a first-timer using this versatile AI writing tool, I was dumbfounded! I honestly couldn't believe all the things this piece of software was capable of. That being said, as a "newbie," I was a bit overwhelmed, at times, with some of its in-depth features. Fortunately, the platform is filled with technical help, tutorials, and in-depth training to familiarize you with the processes. Some of the main features that set Jasper AI apart are as follows:

Key Features:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • SEO informed content
  • Built-in Grammar and Plagiarism tools
  • Writing suggestions and refinements
  • Jasper Chrome extension
  • Brand Voice Training
  • Chat Feature
  • 50+ Templates for various writing styles
  • 30+ Languages
  • Up-to-date Google Search Data

Example of Jasper's Writing

To create a writing example for each platform, I entered the following topic into the paragraph writer: "The importance of branding for new businesses." In Jasper, I was given the option to enter any keywords, for which I chose "brand identity." It also asked what tone of voice I wanted, and I entered "informative." This was the result:

Starting a new business may seem daunting at first, but one of the most essential aspects of setting yourself up for success is establishing a clear brand identity. Branding is not just about having a catchy name or a memorable logo; it's about defining your company's unique values, personality, and voice. Your brand should communicate your business's mission and vision in a way that resonates with your target audience. Creating a strong brand voice can help you build trust with customers, stand out from competitors, and establish a loyal following. By investing in a strong brand identity from the start, you can set your business up for success in the long term.

(Grammarly 79 overall score, 100% original- no plagiarism, 127 words, 60 readability)

What I Liked Most:


One of the things that stood out the most to me was Jasper AI's impressive versatility. The plethora of customizable templates and frameworks cater to a wide array of writing forms and styles. The options are all there, whether you're creating blog posts, ad copies, product descriptions, or social media content. There are over 50 pre-made templates to make things easy, some of which I didn't even know I needed until I tried them.

For example, a FAQ generator where you enter a topic and the AI creates commonly asked questions related to that topic, or a sentence expander if you have a thought but just can't get the words out to make it a comprehensive sentence. These options are great springboards for content ideas. You can even train the software to learn your brand voice and save "recipes" that combine your favorite templates and processes to create similar pieces in the future with ease! This adaptability helps writers and marketers create diverse content and maintain a consistent voice.


We are all facing deadlines to get content out quickly. To cite another old but relevant cliche, "Time is money." If you write content, you know you can spend a great deal of time on the actual writing process, just trying to put your thoughts into a paragraph people can easily read and understand! Time is a precious commodity for content creators, and Jasper AI understands this well. With its lightning-fast content generation, this platform significantly reduces the time and effort required to create compelling content.

Some studies indicate that using AI content writing tools like Jasper allows bloggers, for example, to spend 30% less time writing! Jasper AI helped me produce large volumes of high-quality content, even long-form blog posts, without sacrificing creativity or accuracy. And unlike many AI platforms, Jasper AI has the advantage of using current data from Google to get information, so I didn't end up with outdated content. These things are a huge advantage!

Writing Assistance

It turns out Jasper AI doubles as a proficient writing assistant and editor. Thanks to its AI-powered suggestions and refinements, the platform elevates the quality of your writing, even when you don't realize it needs to be elevated. Though this was occasionally humbling, I found it provided valuable insights like fine-tuning sentence structure, improving grammar, and enhancing the overall coherence of your content. The platform's language generation capabilities are also outstanding, producing clear and engaging narratives relatively easily.

Furthermore, the writing suggestions and corrections were incredibly accurate. I even ran content through Grammarly to double-check, and it consistently came out with at least 80% accuracy, needing minimal correction. This particular AI content writing tool acts as a virtual editor, giving writers the tools they need to create polished and professional pieces.

What I Liked Least:

As impressive as I found Jasper AI, I did notice a few minor things that could be a problem if you don't put in some extra effort.

While it excelled in producing structured content, Jasper is definitely geared toward business. As such, it seemed to struggle with creativity and nuanced writing that requires a more human touch. When producing marketing content, this didn't have too much of a drawback, but for more creative writing, it could be an issue. Regardless, Jasper AI's help can be a great foundation to expand upon.

Additionally, there were times when the AI content appeared repetitive or lacked originality. The platform's AI algorithms rely on patterns and data to generate content, so especially with long-form pieces, I found a good bit of information was just being regurgitated using different words. But, as with most AI content writing platforms, Jasper's accuracy and originality heavily rely on the quality of your input prompts. Fortunately, after browsing tutorials, YouTube videos, and even searching Jasper's vast user community on Facebook, I learned some great tips and tricks to get exactly what I wanted from the software.


Despite its limitations, I found Jasper an incredibly helpful AI content writing tool for generating content quickly and efficiently across various formats. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for writers, businesses, and marketers looking to scale up their content production. Just keep in mind that while Jasper can be a powerful ally in your content creation journey, a touch of human creativity and some front-end learning might be needed to add that special spark and uniqueness to your writing.

Harnessing the Power of Natural Language

Writesonic blew me away when it came to its ability to mask its inherent robot-ness. It is a formidable AI content writing tool that harnesses the power of natural language processing (NLP). In fact, I was so amazed at how much this platform stood out in terms of flowing language that I had to do some digging into how it writes so naturally.

It turns out, Writesonic uses GPT-3 and GPT-4 technology and incredibly advanced algorithms to process your inputs in parallel instead of in sequence. There is obviously way more science behind this than I understand, but simply put, this technology lets the software process long, complex input sequences. The result is incredibly accurate, coherent, human-like output. What's more, Writesonic offers extensive writing tools to help with diverse content creation needs like articles, newsletters, product descriptions, and emails. A few things that are particularly key to the Writesonic platform are listed below:

Key Features:

  • Intuitive interface and extensive customization options
  • Advanced Natural Language Processing
  • Google Docs style content editor
  • Tone of voice selector
  • GBT-4 chat assistant
  • Over 30 languages
  • Quickly generates long-form content
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Content repurposing into various formats

Writing Example:

For the Writesonic paragraph writer, I entered the topic "The importance of branding for new businesses." Like Jasper, there was a spot to enter the keyword "brand identity," and I selected "professional" as my tone of voice because informative wasn't an option. Additionally, Writesonic asked me how often I'd like the keyword to appear (1), how long I would like the paragraph to be (100-200 words), and if I'd like to include current Google data. These were my results:

In the fast-paced world of business, standing out from the crowd has never been more crucial. For new businesses, establishing a strong brand identity is not just an option but a necessity. A well-crafted brand can make all the difference between success and obscurity. It is the foundation upon which a company builds its reputation, credibility, and customer loyalty. A powerful brand creates an emotional connection with consumers, evoking trust, familiarity, and a sense of belonging. It sets a business apart from its competitors, making it instantly recognizable and memorable. Whether it's through a compelling logo, a consistent visual identity, or a distinctive tone of voice, branding creates a unique personality that resonates with target audiences. By investing in branding, new businesses can level the playing field, establish a strong market presence, and pave the way for long-term growth and success. So, if you're a new business looking to make an impact, remember that branding is not just an expense but a strategic investment that will pay dividends in the long run.

(Grammarly 95 overall score, 100% original- no plagiarism, 172 words, 38 readability)

What I Liked Most:

Seamless and Human-Like Content

As I mentioned previously, one of Writesonic's most remarkable features lies in its ability to produce content that seamlessly emulates human writing. Seeing AI moving forward from the standard sterile, robotic prose is refreshing. Writesonic crafts narratives that flow effortlessly, inviting readers to dive deeper into your message without being distracted by awkward sentences and lack of personality.

The technology of natural language generation capabilities is a testament to the advancements in AI technology. I suspect this feature will become commonplace in all AI writing platforms, but for now, Writesonic steals the show. We now have the ability to use an AI content writing tool to create natural-sounding content with authenticity and ease. This eliminates much of the back-end editing to make your piece sound like an inviting human voice.

AI-Generated Inspiration

As any writer can attest, finding inspiration for fresh and innovative ideas can sometimes prove challenging. This is where Writesonic's treasure trove of AI-generated content concepts comes into play. I was able to explore a wealth of creative possibilities, generating new ideas across a variety of topics and formats.

Whether it was brainstorming for blog posts, social media updates, or catchy headlines, Writesonic offered a treasure trove for inspiration, providing creative sparks for your writing ventures. I truly think this AI content writing tool surpasses similar platforms when it comes to helping writers find their voice and push them to create a unique copy.

Content Improvement

As an AI content writer, Writesonic excels at generating content from scratch. I found that whether your inputs are simple or extensive, it creates text that makes sense. But another one of its really cool features extends beyond original content creation. Enter Writesonic's Content Improver, an option that acts as a skilled writing partner.

It can enhance your existing work with natural finesse. Writers wanting to refine drafts or polish already completed pieces will find the content improvement suggestions invaluable. I was able to paste in a somewhat mundane piece of writing and turn it into a much more interesting and readable version of itself.

What I Liked Least:

Amidst all the enchantment, Writesonic does have a few areas where it may stumble.

Despite impressive capabilities, like most AI content writing tools, human oversight and editing are still crucial. While the platform generates persuasive content, it struggles to tailor it to a specific audience or brand voice. It does have a brand voice feature, but it definitely didn't follow it like Jasper. If I wanted content with a targeted appeal, I had to do some editing to make it align perfectly with the tone and context I needed

The other thing I found odd about Writesonic is the way it uses its credits. You have to choose whether you want to use Premium or Superior writing, and the credits used begin there. But if you input any reference articles for your content, like you might in long-form blog articles, those count as credits used too. And every time you regenerate something that wasn't quite right, that, too, goes against your balance of credits. This may not be a big deal for everyone, but using this software for a business that foots the bill, I was constantly worried about the amount of credits I was using.


All considered, Writesonic is undeniably a powerful companion for content creators seeking exceptional writing assistance. It is an AI content writing tool dedicated to the art of persuasive writing. I found its true strong suit in crafting captivating, human-sounding content. The natural language generation redefines the old voice of AI writing, shifting the stereotype of weird, robotic wording and producing a seamless and engaging narrative. Additionally, the platform's wide choice of writing styles and formats makes it a versatile choice for marketers and businesses.

Anyword AI content writing tool

The Conversion-Driven Copywriter

This AI content writing platform intrigued me with its unique approach to content generation. Anyword stands out from the other two writing tools we've talked about so far. While it is a cutting-edge AI writing tool like Jasper and Writesonic, its specialty is a focus on conversion-driven content creation. The software goes beyond just generating content; it dives into the psychology of writing to craft messages that resonate with your target audience.

Anyword is designed to optimize your content for maximum conversion and engagement. As a genuinely business-focused content writing platform, it provides a suite of tools tailored to elevate your marketing strategy and get tangible results. Though Anyword doesn’t have all the extensive writing options I came to love in other AI content writing, it was still quite impressive. The writing was surprisingly clear and human-like. When combined with marketing features like being able to link all your marketing channels and build custom scoring models to help you predict your copy’s performance, this tool seemed particularly useful for businesses that want to create unique and compelling content.

Key Features:

  • Real-time data and machine learning algorithms
  • AI-generated content improvement recommendations
  • Data-backed efficacy
  • Predictive performance scoring
  • Keyword library
  • Unique modes of content generation

Writing Example:

Since the writing templates aren’t quite the same as the previous platforms, I used the Blog Wizard feature for this sample. I entered "The importance of branding for new businesses" as the description. Like the others, there was a spot to fill in the keyword "brand identity,” but I didn’t have the option of entering a tone on this feature. I wanted to create a whole outline for a blog post, so I skipped to the intro paragraph to get the following copy:

Branding is an essential tool for any new business, providing a recognizable and memorable identity that customers can associate with your products or services. It’s not just about a logo or a catchy slogan; effective branding involves careful consideration of every touchpoint with your audience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the power of branding and how it can help to boost your new business. Branding is an essential part of creating a successful business. A powerful brand can be the difference between a business taking off or failing to launch. In this blog post, we'll explore the power of branding and how it can help boost a new business. We'll look at the benefits of branding, how it can help you stand out from the competition, and how you can create a strong brand for your new business.

(Grammarly 98 overall score, 13% plagiarism, 139 words, 56 readability)

What I Liked Most:

Generating Multiple Copy Variations

One of Anyword's most impressive features is its ability to generate multiple copy variations with a single input. This feature is a real game-changer, allowing you to explore different angles and styles without starting over each time. Whether you're creating social media ads, email subject lines, or website copy, Anyword's variable testing helps you find the perfect combination to connect with your audience effectively.

For example, I was able to create a Facebook post by entering a basic topic. Once the topic was established, a list of formula options dropped down, letting me re-write the same topic in multiple formats. I could make the post a bullet point list, a thought-provoking question, or even a clickbait first-person opinion. It was really useful to see all the options right there, helping me decide how I wanted the piece to feel and what seemed the most effective.

Optimizing Content

Anyword's superpower lies in its ability to craft persuasive and compelling content designed to convert readers into customers. The platform's AI algorithms analyze customer behavior, enabling it to produce copy that resonates with target audiences. The Brand Voice feature lets you choose your brand’s tone of voice and describe who your target audience is for this particular piece of content.

Whether it's crafting ad copies, blogs, CTAs, or email subject lines, Anyword gives you very specific options to help craft persuasive and captivating messages. The focus of all these creative options is to create improved click-through rates and conversions.

Data-Driven Insight

Anyword goes beyond generating content; it provides data-driven insights into the eventual performance of your writing. They say that by analyzing how audiences respond to various copy variations, they can offer invaluable feedback to mold content creation.

This data-based approach enables content creators to make informed decisions, continuously improving their marketing strategies and driving better overall performance. Furthermore, the platform provides real-time feedback, giving you the power to optimize and refine your content continuously.

What I Liked Least:

While it excels in generating optimized, persuasive copy, the platform's output can feel a bit formulaic and sterile at times. Adding a touch of creativity and personalization might be necessary to avoid content that feels too templated.

Additionally, Anyword's focus on conversion-driven content may not be the best fit for every type of writing, such as creative storytelling or brand-centric narratives. It is clearly geared toward business marketing, and if that isn’t your focus, the templates and writing assistance can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. That being said, there are writing templates that are just based on your specific prompts and don’t use analytics tools to optimize the wording. Those pieces felt a bit less generic.


Anyword stands as a formidable conversion-driven copywriter, arming content creators with the power of persuasion and data-driven insights. While I found it lacking a tiny bit in creativity, its marketing forward options made up for that in droves. I think Anyword offers a valuable edge in crafting effective content since its technology is focused on analyzing and optimizing for conversion. If your needs are strictly business oriented, you should definitely consider Anyword as a strategic ally.

Embracing the Advancement of AI Content Writing

As I finished reviewing these three powerful AI content writing tools and concluded this journey through the realm of AI writing, I recognized that we stand at the forefront of an ever-advancing landscape. I was finally able to admit that embracing the capabilities of AI content writing tools could, with some oversight and human input, be an asset. Content creators and marketers who embrace this technology will find themselves equipped with powerful tools that quickly and effortlessly unlock writing potential, streamline workflows, and elevate content to new heights.

Whether you're seeking to enhance your website copy, craft engaging ads, write compelling blog posts, or improve your social media game, these AI content writing tools have what it takes. Embracing the collaborative potential of AI and human writing will certainly yield impactful results. But while AI writing platforms offer unmatchable speed, precision, and optimization, it is the human touch that gives our words authenticity, creativity, and emotion.

Striking the Right Balance

The integration of AI technology in content creation has opened doors to new possibilities, increasing productivity and efficiency and still delivering high-quality, engaging content. Of course, we want the means to make our work more effective, more efficient and ultimately to save us time and money. As writers, marketers, and content creators, we need to ensure we build a future where AI writing is used as a means to achieve this final (I promise) cliche, "Work smarter, not harder."

It's important to remember, though, that as we embrace the potential of AI, we can't ignore the essence of human storytelling. This technology is designed to assist us, not to overwrite human expression. So, don't be afraid to use these AI content writing tools. Just make sure you use them for what they are: tools. Let's embark on this journey together. If we can maintain the balance between technological advances and human artistry, we can unleash our writing potential and redefine how we create content for a world hungry for more.

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