Choosing the Best Voiceover App: Our Top 6 Recommendations

Woman Recording for Voice Over App
Photographer: CoWomen | Source: Unsplash

When you’re creating content with audio or video there’s one thing you can always count on: something will go wrong. The blooper reels are real. No matter how many times you practice, you’ll likely have some piece of your voiceover recording that needs to be edited — and that’s the power of a voiceover app.

With the Right Voiceover App You Can:

  • Edit, splice, trim, cut, and merge audio recordings
  • Add audio recordings to a video
  • Mix audio from multiple tracks
  • Add fun sound effects

How Do You Find the Right Voiceover App to Use?

There are several pieces to consider:

  1. Do you have editing skills and industry knowledge? Or are you looking for something more beginner friendly?
  2. Are you looking for a free app, or are you willing to invest for more features and higher quality?
  3. Do you use Apple IOS or Windows OS?
  4. What about smartphones – do you have an iPhone or Android?
  5. Do you want a video editor as well? Or are you just doing audio?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a much easier time filtering out what voiceover app isn’t right for you and narrowing in on the one that is.

Here we’ll lay out some of the best voiceover apps, who they’re well-fitted for, and help you determine if they’re right for you.

Voiceover App for Both Windows and Mac

Inshot — Free with In-App upgrades

Inshot is the perfect app if you’re creating social media videos like Instagram reels or TikToks. The app has easy-to-use video editing features and also includes voiceover options as well as sound effects and background music.

Additional features include:

  • Animated stickers and texts
  • Free sound effects and background music
  • Ability to split, trim, and merge multiple videos

Voiceover App Interface Rating: Easy to Medium — Inshot will come easy to anyone who regularly uses social media apps like Instagram or TikTok. If you’re not already familiar with those apps, the learning curve will be a bit higher.

Movavi — Free Trial then $$

Whether you have a PC or an Apple device this app is a great option for beginners looking to do some minor audio edits with video. The interface is very user-friendly and the free trial allows videos without a watermark, so you can actually test out the software while you work on your next creation.

Additional features include:

  • Video features like title overlays, transitions, and filters
  • Special effects
  • Stock video and audio collections

Voice Over App Interface Rating: Easy — Movavi is known to be great for beginners, so if you’re looking for ease, give it a try!

Easy Voice Recorder — Free with In-App Purchases

Easy Voice Recorder is a streamlined app mostly for quick and easy recordings of everyday events like meetings and personal notes. The editing features come in handy if you wanted to save a clip of something for a future video, or send pieces of your meeting notes to someone who couldn’t be there.

Note: This app does not allow you to put the audio you record over a video, so it is effective for collecting audio at a moment’s notice, but you’ll need a separate app to layer it with video.

Additional features include:

  • Easy start recording to quickly capture audio (plus a widget quick-start option)
  • Save to your iCloud, Google Drive, or DropBox
  • Share to email or other communication app easily

Voice Over App Interface Rating: Easy — Easy Voice Recorder is exactly what it says it is… an easy voice recorder. It won’t have any of the bells and whistles, but if you just need a basic trim this is a quick and easy editor.

Voiceover Apps for Mac iOS or iPhone

Photographer: JK Sloan | Source: Unsplash

GarageBand — Free

GarageBand is one of the original audio editing apps and it continues to be a leader in the industry. Although the app is known for its ability to turn your iPhone into a virtual instrument, the app has a wide variety of quality recording and editing capabilities.

Additional features include:

  • Eliminating unwanted background noise
  • Enhancement of important sections
  • Sound clips and special effects

If you own a Mac, this is a great free option because it also pairs well with iMovie for voiceover video editing.

Voiceover App Interface Rating: Medium — GarageBand is relatively intuitive for beginners, but the vast amount of features can make it overwhelming.

Twisted Wave Studio — Free Demo then $$$

Primarily a high-quality audio editor, Twisted Wave is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad. There’s also now a beta version available for Windows. You can record audio, edit and send recordings, free with in-app purchases. New features include some snazzy-looking video synching tools but to-be-determined on how useful they are.

Additional features include:

  • Remastering features (equalization, compression, limiting, etc)
  • Bookmarking ability — you can place a marker while recording to easily revisit a place you know will need editing.
  • File converting — Twisted Wave can read and write audio files of almost any format
  • Text to speech ability with advanced synching so you can quickly scan and select sections of your audio in text format.

Voiceover App Interface Rating: Advanced — Twisted Wave Studio is a great app for professionals or enthusiasts with more advanced audio knowledge who are looking for advanced editing and mixing features.

Voiceover App for Windows PC or Android

Wondershare DemoCreator — $$

A screen recording app with powerful editing tools and features. This tool allows users to record screen and audio and offers integrations with other editing tools as well. Great for presentations, how-tos, and demonstrations.

Additional features include:

  • “Lightweight” so it won’t slow down your computer
  • Intuitive interface
  • Offers integrations with editing tools

The free version of this app is limited and will come with a watermark.

Voiceover App Interface Rating: Easy to Medium — If you’re looking for more editing features than Loom, this app is worth looking into regardless of your skill level.

Get the Most from Your Voiceover App

The key to finding the best voiceover app is getting clear on what you want to use it for. Are you making social media videos? Creating animated tutorials? Are you a voice actor or podcaster?

Determine whether you need high-quality recording features, state-of-the-art audio effects, or simply a free voice recording app, and then narrow your search from there.

Once you have your purpose, select the matching features and you’ll easily find the right voiceover app for you!