How a Video Invitation Maker Can Help Your Next Event Stand Out

Mr & Mrs paper invite alternative to video invitation maker
Photographer: Photos by Lanty | Source: Unsplash

Planning an event is no small feat. After the venue is booked, the catering is planned, and the schedule is finalized the most important piece is your guests. You want them to feel excited and at ease when they arrive. The best way to do this is to keep them informed about the event and what to expect. Sure, you can send the basic information on a paper or electronic party invitation, but how do you create engagement before the big day arrives? Try sending an invite using a video invitation maker.

What is a Video Invitation Maker?

A video invitation maker is an online tool used to make digital invitation videos. These can be used for personal gatherings or large corporate or community events. Instead of sending a paper invitation through the mail or a static invitation over email, you can create a short video to create excitement and share event details.

Why Use a Video Invitation Maker

Using video for your invitations lets you customize your message with animation and images that will engage your audience. It may also help them remember details about the event. According to Diode Digital, video promotion is 600% more effective than text or print media. Viewers actually remember 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Video is also an easy way to inform your guests about what to expect. The photos, clips, colors, and music all communicate the tone of the event you’re hosting. If it’s a family-friendly event, sharing clips of families enjoying the activities will let your audience know kids are included. But if it’s a formal affair, the images and music will tell guests they should dress accordingly and expect an adult-only evening.

If your event depends on solid attendance, video can also help increase your reach. Video invitations have more flexibility on how they can be shared. Paper or email invitations are limited to who you send them to, but video can be used across many platforms. Depending on your event, share it on your website and social media platforms. If it’s a more personal event, you can still send it through email or using e-cards. You can even text the video invitation to contacts and receive quick RSVPs right away.

Video Invitation Maker: Easy-to-Use Options

If you’re looking for a video invitation maker, there are many on the market. If you’re not a professional, you’ll want to look for ready-made templates and easy-to-use editing tools. This will help you add custom colors, text, and music to create the right tone for your event. We’ve pulled together a list of some of the best video invitation makers online.


Filmora is a popular video editing platform, but their mobile version, FilmoraGo is a great option to create digital invitations. It’s like video editing software, but much easier to use. You can easily stack transitions and music overlays and it has all the best features like custom colors, fonts, and layouts. Add special effects to your personal photos and video clips like borders, fonts, and animations that will fit any event.

Quick tip: If you want to send your invite without the Filmora watermark, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version.


We’ve talked about Canva before and it continues to be one of the most popular tools for content creators because it’s so easy to use. It has a wide range of free video invitation templates that you can customize using the drag-and-drop feature. Once you have your pictures and videos uploaded, adjust your colors and update the text placeholders with your event details. Try adding animated text to make your invitation even more dynamic.


Vimeo is another well-known video invitation maker that has thousands of templates to help you get started. Choose from their stock photos and music and make it your own with their user-friendly editing tools. Vimeo makes it easy to create a polished invitation with its color palette options, themed styles, and animated graphics. Whether you want a movie-like video invite or a slideshow, Vimeo will let you create one in minutes that can be shared easily with a simple link.


The Biteable platform is another user-friendly tool to create custom video invitations. Start with a template or create from scratch using your own video. If you don’t have content to work with, you can choose from over 1.8 million pictures and video clips in their media library. Once you have them loaded, update your invite with animations and text, and add a music track to make it truly unique. You can export your video, send it, and receive RSVPs right in the Biteable app.


WhatsApp invitation maker is a great way to easily share your video online. You’ll need to register with before you can create and send an invitation through WhatsApp. Once registered you’ll be able to choose from thousands of templates that work for your event. Once you select your video invitation template, you can upload your images, edit the text with your event details, and add your music file. Inviter offers a music suggestion for your template, but like everything else on the site, you can swap it out with whatever you’d like.

When finished, you'll be able to buy a high-quality HD video invitation to share through WhatsApp and email, or on social media platforms.

What to Include in Your Video Invitation

Once you decide on the tool, you need to include the right information to create excitement around your event. Start with event details like date, time, and location. You’d hate to create an engaging video that leaves your audience wondering where and when this epic event is taking place.

Be clear about who is invited and how they RSVP or buy tickets. If you don’t want to include all this during the video, direct the viewer to an event website that’s easy to remember. That’s where you can include everything they need to know like the address, cost, and schedule if needed.

Including personal touches will make your video invitation stand out. Use your own photos and video clips set to music to create the tone for your event.

Remember to keep it short or you might lose your audience. A video invitation of under 30 seconds is recommended as that’s about how long it takes to read a standard printed invitation. Anything longer and your viewers will stop watching and may miss important information.

Hire a Professional For a Custom Video Invitation

If you’re organizing an important event, consider hiring a professional to create the best video invitation. They’ll take your ideas and create a high-quality custom invitation with animation and music to set the tone. Video editors can even add professional voiceovers for a stunning video invitation.

Don’t wait for an engraved invitation to get started on your next video invite. Contact us today for a custom video invitation that will be one your guests are sure to remember.