Different Types of Personalized Video and How They Can Benefit Your Business

In today’s world, there is a lot of focus on creating the ultimate customer experience – and rightfully so! With so many different choices out there, customers want to know that you understand what they want – and need – before deciding to give you their business. So, how can businesses offer this type of unique customer experience? One way is through a personalized video message.

In this article, you’ll discover the benefits and types of personalized videos for your business, and how to create them.

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Why Use Personalized Video Content?

Whether you’re in the market to make a purchase or not, you’re constantly being sold to. With targeted advertising, you can’t scroll through social media without ads vying for your attention. Therefore, it’s become increasingly difficult for salesforces to stand out amongst all the noise – particularly with regard to digital marketing.

90% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize or remember them and have relevant offers

Here’s where personalized video creation can help. By curating content relevant to your audience and their interests, you’ll:

  • Stand out and have better engagement – a personalized video can get a 16x higher click-to-open rate!
  • Improve customer retention and conversation rates – companies that personalize video content experience an increase in conversion rates by 93%
  • Deepen your relationship with your ideal client

Your [potential] new customers will appreciate the personalized experience you give them – and it will help you stand out from all other faceless, nameless brands that treat customers like numbers. By using this marketing tool, you can prove to your potential customers that you are the right choice over your competitors.

What You Need to Make a Personalized Video That Sells

To use personalization effectively, a company must collect as much personal data as possible (in a safe and ethical way!). The more data you have about your audience, the better the personalization for greater customer engagement. For example, knowing:

  • The date/time a customer opens an email or visits your website – the best time to present content to your clients depends on when they are most active and engaged
  • Their demographic data – includes gender, city, country, marital status, age, etc. This information can help you curate content that will help educate, build loyalty, and sell your product
  • ​​An analysis of purchase history and behavioral data – will help you determine which kind of content would be most useful to nurture them down the conversion funnel
    • Purchase history – if/when they abandoned the cart, what keywords they searched, and how often they visit your website

Having this information allows you to gain a better understanding of a customer’s preferences, and help you make them feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

personalized video

Different Types of Personalized Video

Email Marketing

It’s shown that using video emails increases open rates and response rates. In fact, you can increase your email click-through rate by 300% by adding a video. Why? Because showing your potential customer that you’re a real person helps you build trust. So, if you want to increase email conversions, a personalized video is a great way to do that. But inboxes are already overflowing, so the first step towards getting your personalized video email seen is to get your email open.

On average, people receive 121 business emails each day

By personalizing their messages and subject lines, marketers make consumers feel appreciated and noticed. When it comes to email marketing campaigns, using the customer’s name in the subject line can make a difference in open rates. Crafting a personalized subject line can increase open rates by 26%! It’s no wonder personalized emails are more effective.

Personalized Video for Networking

This approach doesn’t just work for email marketing. Using video in your LinkedIn outreach is a very personal approach. How can you do this? Make sure to use their name and tailor the video message to the person and/or their business!

On LinkedIn, sending direct video messages is easy with the Vidyard Chrome extension (which lets you record and send videos directly from the LinkedIn direct message compose page!). Vidyard videos can also be shared on your personal LinkedIn feed or on your company’s page. Utilizing video sharing software (like Loom or VidYard) makes cold messaging easy!

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are one of the most popular types of video, for good reason. Wyzowl reports that 96% of people have watched an explainer video as a means of learning more about a product or service. Moreover, 88% of people say that a brand’s video convinced them to make a purchase. These types of videos are meant to be informative, engaging, and answer questions that might be on the viewer’s mind. But how can these be personalized videos?

One way is to tailor it to their unique needs. Another – and more impactful way – is to get specific and speak directly to them. Thanks to new programs and technologies that allow users to submit data, it’s easy to personalize videos with names and other targeted information. This will not only grab your audience’s attention immediately, but they’ll be more inclined to listen and act because they’re seeing how your products or services will directly impact them.

CTA Personalized Video

If you’re a marketer, you know how important it is to have a strong call to action. But did you know that there exists a type of video that is called a CTA video?

Similar to a written CTA, this type of video content suggests an immediate action. In general, a customer who watches this video will understand what to do next and what actions they need to take.

Case Study Personalized Video

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate the success you had with a previous client. How does this relate to personalized video?

Similar to explainer videos, case study videos help potential clients visualize themselves in a situation and visualize having the same outcome as your current or past clients. The difference is that explainer videos are meant to connect your potential client to your product/service, while case studies show them the actual results of your satisfied customers. They get to see themselves in your past or current customer’s shoes, so to speak.

Thank You Videos

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “business” side of things. By that we mean, focusing on lead generation and sales. But remember, customers don’t want to feel like a number. They want to feel that you are speaking directly to them, that you are aware of their problems, and that you truly care about helping them overcome them.

You don’t need to film thousands of takes addressing each customer to provide “personalization.” Personalization is making an effort to communicate with them on a human level, communicating an honest message, and demonstrating your appreciation of them. ​​Thank yous are powerful – don’t underestimate that.

This type of personalized video can make an impact on client acquisition because they’re more likely to keep your brand in the customer’s mind for longer than a standard email. When someone asks that client who they purchase from, your brand is top of mind!

Customers want businesses to treat them as unique individuals and provide them with a personalized experience. That’s why personalization is helpful to 99% of marketers (with 78% saying it enhances customer relationships!).

Whether you’re looking to create personalized event invites or onboarding videos, we can help! Contact us today.