Levitate Media Named as One of the Top Reviewed Video Production Companies in the 2023 Manifest Awards!

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Photographer: Brands&People | Source: Unsplash

Videos are the best medium for communicating ideas. Many companies wanting to make a great impression on their audience realize this, but finding the right production company can be a long and daunting process. Fortunately, The Manifest makes it easy.

The Manifest is a B2B blog-style guide that helps companies find and connect with specialized vendors with the skills to complete ongoing or upcoming projects. They do this by supplementing their feedback-based review system with their customer service-focused awards.

Levitate Media was recently named one of the most-reviewed video production companies by The Manifest and received recognition in the 2023 Manifest Awards.

When a company gets included in one of The Manifest’s lists, it means they were able to impress enough of their market to sing their praises through reviews and ratings. This system helps even the playing field for SMEs against established brands with large marketing budgets. So getting recognized in this way means the world to us.

Our goal this year is to continue to improve our client and partner experience with enhanced relationships and even higher-quality productions. Our team already has the tools, knowledge, and expertise necessary to make it a reality. We can’t wait to share all the things we have planned for the rest of the year.

If you’re looking for a video partner that can honor your brand by telling your story in a unique and compelling way, Levitate Media is here for you.

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