Why Your Company Website Needs an Introduction Video

Why Your Company Website Needs An Introduction Video

It can be disheartening to click on a website hoping to find exactly what you’re looking for, only to find a page full of murky messaging at best. That’s not what you want for YOUR business – no, you want to make sure that when someone lands on your website, they know exactly what it is you do and that they're in the right place. And having an introduction video on your website is a great way to do that.

How Can an Introduction Video Benefit Your Business?

How Can an Introduction Video Benefit Your Business?

When someone lands on your website, you have an average of 15 seconds to capture your viewers’ attention before they decide whether or not you can help them. You can kiss that visitor goodbye if there is any confusion in those 15 seconds about what you do.

By having a good intro video, you can eliminate all the guesswork. And if you already have an engaging website or persuasive copy that converts, then a high-quality introductory video is just the icing on the cake.

Introduction Videos Are Good for SEO


Yes, you read that right. Introduction videos aren’t just for show, they can do wonders for your SEO (we didn't mean to rhyme).

We’ve said before that one of the key factors in SEO and Google rankings is the amount of time a visitor spends on your site. What makes videos effective? The right video will keep your viewers’ attention, allowing them to stay on your page longer.

Google favors great video content for this very reason (sites with video are 53 times more likely to rank on page one). So, when you feature a video on your website front and center, your viewers will stick around a little longer, and this signals to Google that you’re doing something worthwhile. And that’s how you can definitely leverage video in SEO.

An Introduction Video Creates an Authentic Connection

An Introduction Video Creates an Authentic Connection

Did you know some people won’t go to a new place or reach out for an inquiry if they don’t know what to expect? An introduction video creative way to remove any air of mystery surrounding what it is you do, which could alienate a significant group of potential clients.

With a video on your website, you give visitors an idea of who you are, what you do, and what you’re passionate about. By creating an environment where your visitors feel comfortable with you, you’re establishing a stronger connection with your potential clients.

Introduction Videos Can Eliminate Confusion

By showing your audience what you do, or how your products work, rather than leaving them to skim through walls of text which can be:

A. Overwhelming
B. Boring

Video introductions allow you to connect with them in a way that text alone cannot.

Helps You Have a Clear Call To Action

Consider the next steps you want your viewers to take when you're planning your video. By clearly defining what you want your clients to do, you help avoid confusion.

  • Would you like them to sign up for your monthly newsletter?
  • Do you want them to schedule a call with you?
  • Do you want them to order a new product?

With an introductory video, you can clearly explain your CTA and what you want them to do next.

The Introduction Video: How to Introduce Yourself

The Introduction Video: How to Introduce Yourself

You've decided the benefits outweigh the fear (great!) but you’re a little nervous about what to say or how to introduce yourself. You want to make a great first impression for yourself and your business – but you're new to this whole “video intro” thing.

You may find it hard to talk about yourself, even to humble-brag. But it’s important to tell your viewers what sets you apart in a few simple sentences. How are you different from your competitors? What is it that you're doing differently and how can you make their lives easier?

Let viewers know what your business stands for and who you are. But remember, an intro video isn’t really about you as much as it is about what you can do for your clients.

Tell Us About Yourself or Your Business

Has your business been passed down from generation to generation? Or did you finally get fed up with working 9-5? Have you built a successful business from the ground up and helped your clients do the same? Did you invent a life-changing product by accident and today it's changing the lives of others?

Share a little about who you are or what you do. Tell us if you’ve been in business for years and specialize in a particular field! It’s hard to stand in front of a webcam or videographer and talk in real-time, I know. Especially for a self-introduction video. Try not to stiffen up, let your personality shine right through! Your personality is what will make others want to work with you.

*Note* Camera-shy? You don't have to get in front of the camera for an intro video! Live videos are simply one type of intro video production.

Make Your Video Introduction Clear and Concise

Remember, it doesn't matter how engaging you are if your message is unclear or you can't provide them with their answers right away.

Our tip? Don’t make your introduction too long. In other words, you don't want 15 seconds of intro music followed by an explanation of what you're about to explain. By then, you've already lost your audience.

A good plan of action is to have:

  • An introduction.
  • The main point.
  • Any further details.
  • The call to action.

Let’s take a look at this live video we did for Guardian Pharmacy:

As you can see, the intro music lasts approximately six seconds while the intro logo appears.

In total, it takes you 20 seconds to learn what makes them different. This video is a perfect example of how the suggested 1-2 minutes is just a guideline. You want to make sure you cover all the important points without overloading your video. You shouldn't make it shorter or longer than it needs to be.

*NOTE* It never hurts to look back at your analytics to see if your video is hitting home or where you may need to adjust your messaging.

People spend 2.6 times more time on homepages with introduction videos compared to ones without. So if you’re thinking about adding an introduction video to your website, let's talk! 

Our team will help you refine your messaging to create an effective, high-quality introductory video for your website! Contact us anytime.