Reimagining Business with Animated Videos: Part 1

The Often Overlooked Benefits of Animated Videos

Charts Coming From Animation Videos

Animated videos, with their aesthetic appeal and unique storytelling abilities, are an excellent way to grab attention and communicate your brand's message. They have proven to be highly effective in increasing sales, enhancing online marketing efforts, training and engaging employees, and improving website traffic.

This 2-part guide will delve into the powerful potential of animated videos and explore the top strategies that can help businesses make the most of this dynamic tool.

What You Can Accomplish with Animated Videos

1. Telling Your Story in a Captivating Way.

Animated videos offer a platform for businesses to narrate their story in a distinct, imaginative, and compelling manner. The limitless possibilities of animation enable the creation of captivating characters, scenarios, and environments that can grip viewer attention and evoke emotions.

This emotional engagement fosters a deep connection between the audience and the brand, making the message more impactful and easier to remember.

2. Simplifying Complex Information

One of the significant challenges businesses face is the effective communication of complex topics. This is where animation can work wonders.

Animated videos are an exceptional tool for illustrating intricate concepts in a simplified, engaging, and digestible manner. By amalgamating visuals, text, and audio, animated videos encapsulate complex ideas, making them easy to comprehend and, thereby, more memorable for the viewers.

Whether it’s creating moving graphics, overlaying important information on stock or UI footage, or telling a story from start to finish, animation allows for more flexibility in making a message clear and compelling.

3. Standing Out in the Crowd

In today's digital age, the competition for consumer attention is fierce. Animated videos offer an opportunity for businesses to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The creative freedom of animation can help brands craft unique, memorable content that POPS in a sea of digital content.

In addition, aligning your animated video with your brand style guide can create instant and lasting recognition via color, fonts, and style that is uniquely yours. This is significantly more difficult to achieve with live video, text, or still images.

4. Including the Whole Crowd

By using animation, businesses can create content that is accessible to a wide range of people. No one wants to feel like a brand isn't addressing them personally or doesn’t understand who they are.

Animated videos are not only easier to understand but also easier to alleviate language barriers and can be adapted to different cultures. This inclusivity helps businesses develop better connections with their employees and potential customers.

5. Driving Website Traffic and Improving SEO

SEO is an essential process for any business with a website. Including an animated video on your website can significantly increase the time users spend on your pages. This is more time for you to encourage viewers to take action, leading to higher conversions. In addition to decreasing your bounce rate, it can increase your page dwell time, which is a positive signal to search engines.

What’s more, by embedding videos on your website, you can improve your search engine rankings, as Google gives preference to websites with video content. Include relevant keywords in your title and descriptions, and watch your domain ranking climb.

6. Increasing ROI with Longevity

Have you ever watched a company video with outdated faces (and styles!?) Unlike live-action videos that may get dated quickly, animation has a timeless appeal.

Their aesthetic and appeal do not depend on changing fashion trends, aging actors, or employee retention, making them a lasting investment. This longevity ensures that your content remains relevant and impactful for a more extended period.

Now you know why animated videos are great for your business, ready to see how to use them to make the most impact? Stay Tuned for Part 2: The Best Uses for Animated Videos in Business

The Bottom Line

Consider Animated Videos for Your Business

Animated videos are not just a marketing trend; they are a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audiences on a deeper level. With their unique storytelling ability, capacity to simplify complex topics, and engaging nature, animated videos can significantly enhance a company’s storytelling efforts.

By investing in animated videos, businesses can deliver their message more effectively, stand out from the competition, grow and engage their teams, and achieve better results.

If your business is ready to leverage the power of animation, consider partnering with Levitate Media. We can assist you in creating high-quality animated videos designed to achieve your unique goals.