Testimonials: 10 Questions that Generate Results

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Testimonials truly are money in the bank. Taking the time to collect them and use them in future marketing is smart business." -M. Alvarez, Forbes Coaches Council

Why Testimonials? Because Opinions Matter!

Throughout time, we have relied on the recommendations of others to help us make important decisions. In the current digital age, video testimonials have replaced word-of-mouth reviews and become a valuable factor in a customer's buying decisions. In fact 

That's because, ultimately, people are looking for a business they can trust. And the reality is potential customers are more inclined to trust your clients referrals than you.

Unfortunately, even the best marketing content can sometimes be perceived as a self-promoting sales pitch. We know that video marketing is a valuable resource, but creating a testimonial video will provide the authentic social proof your audience craves. What better way to gain trust in a company than to watch helpful, real-life success stories from people using their products or services?

  • 74% of people polled confirmed that customer testimonials increased their trust in businesses.
  • 72% of marketers found significant improvements in conversion and an ROI of 50-500% from testimonial videos.

However, gathering effective video testimonials isn't as simple as finding happy clients and hitting record. To build credibility, a high-quality testimonial video should reveal a convincing and captivating story that answers prospective customers’ questions. Of course, getting those answers means asking great customers the right interview questions.

Asking great video testimonial questions will demonstrate the value of your product or service and highlight the benefits of choosing your company for future customers. Based on our experience making powerful video testimonials, we've compiled the following list of 10 in-depth questions for gathering the perfect customer feedback:

Background Questions

1. "Can you tell us a little bit about your company and what you do?"

Introducing your client right away is crucial in a testimonial. Not only does this provide a background for their story, but it helps build a connection between possible new customers and your satisfied clients. Encourage more details by asking them to elaborate on why they do what they do or how they got started in their industry.

2. "How did you discover our company?"

Revealing your customer's journey, from looking for a solution to ultimately finding your business, can influence potential customers to follow in their footsteps. It gives them a shortcut to your company, thus simplifying their decision-making process. This can be an excellent lead-in to questions about how your product or service solved their specific problem.

Pain Point and Objective Questions for Impactful Testimonials

3. "What problem were you facing that led you to seek outside assistance?"

This question helps viewers relate to your interviewee’s story because they realize other businesses have faced similar challenges and may share similar customer experiences. Ask your customers to use specific details about how bad things were for them before finding you. This begins to illustrate how your product/service effectively addressed their needs.

4. "What other solutions did you try before you found us?"

Buyers usually compare competitors before making any decisions. This vital question ultimately shows potential customers that other solutions just weren't as good as yours. It is a roundabout way of revealing what made your company more appealing than the others and can easily push someone from considering to committing.

Decision-Making Questions

5. "What helped influence your decision to select our company?"

Asking clients what factors led them to you can highlight your most desirable features. This is their opportunity to list why they love your business and why those reasons were important to them. Not only is this a valuable testimonial question to secure new leads, but it can also provide feedback to help guide your future sales approach.

6. "What was the best thing about our product or service?"

This targeted question is a follow-up question that digs deeper into question #5. It exemplifies how you perfectly align with your customer's needs. The answer should showcase one specific thing that made you their top choice. After gathering this testimonial from multiple clients, you'll also see if any aspect of your business stands out above the rest.

Approach and Strategy Questions

7. "What was our product or service able to replace in your current work process?"

When you pose this question to your customers, you encourage them to share any workflow benefit, whether physical, financial, or team-related. These concrete, measurable victories speak volumes about the value of your business and can further highlight the various uses of your product or service. This question is a valuable marketing tool that showcases your offerings and attracts a broader range of clients.

8. "How much time do you think you've saved thanks to our business?"

Customers may seek your services for various reasons, but undoubtedly, every potential customer wants to save time. If your client can detail exactly how your company saved them a tangible amount of time, you will likely seal the deal for many viewers.

Results Questions for Powerful Testimonials

9. "What were the results of working with our company?"

The details of what your business does and what problems it can solve are impressive, but in the end, potential customers want to know the results. Almost half of the polled people feel that the most effective video testimonials illustrate a product or service's positive impact on their lives. Including customer testimonials demonstrating honest, definitive benefits from using your business are incredibly persuasive.

10. "Are there any other positive outcomes of working with us that you can talk about?"

Allow your clients to express their thoughts openly and share their unfiltered feedback. Asking this testimonial question is crucial because your previous questions may not have covered every aspect of their experience. By encouraging customers to speak their minds, you open the door to receiving valuable insights and unique perspectives that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Asking The Right Questions Gets You Results

When expanding your customer base is crucial, don't underestimate the impact of customer testimonial videos. Showcasing your client's positive experiences and satisfaction can considerably influence a potential customer's decision-making process. Testimonial video content can be a catalyst for the growth and success of your business.

You build trust, credibility, and authenticity by sharing your client's story. Subsequently, you will generate leads, boost sales, and foster long-term loyalty. But to get the best results from video testimonials, you must ask the right questions. Try using these questions to unlock the full potential of your existing customers and harness the remarkable power of their testimonials.

If you're ready to propel your business forward, look to your existing customers for fuel, and let Levitate Media launch your professional testimonial videos. Contact us today!