Yodlee Video Case Study

Video Case Study:

Envestnet Yodlee is an industry-leading data aggregation platform used by financial technology companies, large banks, and wealth-management firms. Their software empowers uses to view, analyze and formulate strategies based on data it collects from disparate sources and formats. However, communicating the software’s benefits and convincing end-users to adopt all its features have been challenging. Yodlee needed support engaging and supporting customers and believed in the video to help educate their users and increase adoption. This video case study reviews how Levitate has continued to deliver high-quality video development services to the Yodlee.

Yodlee’s partnership with Levitate began 8 years ago to develop videos to visually explain how its complex products work, to streamline onboarding, and increase end-user adoption. Levitate’s videos continue to engage Yodlee’s customers, helping them link accounts and leverage all of the benefits the software offers. Yodlee found a partner capable of collaborating with project stakeholders across projects, streamlining the production process from concept to delivery.

To see the full story of how Levitate has helped Yodlee with video: Levitate x Yodlee


Levitate began by developing a creative brief that displays the key messages and target audience of each video, keeping tasks assigned to the stakeholder.

Levitate uses a collaboration tool throughout the projects to track progress on milestones and foster communication among project stakeholders. This focus on details helps maintain continuity, as Levitate works with members of each of Yodlee’s 3 different business units and subject matter experts.

During scripting, storyboarding, and animation, Levitate provides a digital review platform. This solution simplifies the process of collecting, processing, and tracking edits. This also helps ensures all stakeholders can review and offer feedback during all stages of the production process.

Video Case Study Results

Working with Levitate to create more than 100 videos over the past eight years, Yodlee has come to rely on Levitate’s production expertise to create not only animated product features but also videos supporting onboarding, training, customer acquisition, customer testimonials, and video case study. Customer-facing video messages routinely are repurposed as social media posts and embedded in emails. Greater reach and accessibility have boosted the videos’ engagement and play rates, delivering impressive returns across channels.

Below are some of the results from this partnership

  • 8 YEARS TOGETHER-Successful eight-year partnership
  • 100+ VIDEOS-More than 100 videos produced
  • MOST RECENT VIDEO-Helped generate 960 impressions, 17 responses online


The results from Levitate’s videos continue to exceed expectations, and Yodlee intends to continue working with Levitate and expand its partnership.

Levitate produces high-quality video content, offers strategic implementation and flawless execution. If this video case study has sparked your interest in seeing what Levitate can do for your company, contact us for more information on Levitate’s diverse video development offerings.


“I love that it actually makes an impact on people's financial wellness. In today's world, everyone's relying more and more on the digital applications they use to manage their wealth, and it really influences their potential savings and management of their money.

“With any complex technology, it is sometimes difficult to communicate the operation and the benefits to end-users. Our role in marketing is to simplify the message and make it easy to understand and easy to adopt. Video is incredibly important to us. It is our preferred medium to give our customers a high-level overview message that easily and quickly explains our solutions succinctly and clearly.”

Jill Fox, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Envestnet Yodlee