How to Choose the Best Video Camera for YouTube

video camera for youtube

There are many ways businesses can create video content for YouTube: vlogs, vodcasts, and even corporate videos. Despite the major creative differences, the common factor between them is having a great camera. Starting up a new channel and looking for the best video camera for YouTube videos? Look no further! We’ll cover different types of cameras, features, and budgets.

Choosing a Quality Video Camera for YouTube

video camera for youtube

YouTube generates billions of viewsand by that, we mean one billion hours of video each day. Whether you’re looking to make a decent passive income through your video content, or simply looking to connect deeper with your audience, YouTube is the place to be.

Since you’re ready to invest in a decent video camera for YouTube related projects, it’s important to know what things to consider:

  • How much time do you want to spend editing?
  • Are you more of a beginner or a professional videographer?
  • How much battery life do you need?
  • What’s your budget look like?

Today, we’ll explore all the different – and best – cameras out there.


Okay, I know you may be thinking, “my iPhone, really?”. But believe it or not, the newer iOS models are more than capable of providing excellent video quality. If you do decide to go this route, there are a couple of minor investments. First, we’d highly recommend investing in an external microphone. Second, a good video stabilizer is a great tool for eliminating shaky video footage.

Smartphones are the ideal option in place of a video camera for YouTube – especially for beginners who are just starting out on the video path. Not only is it of decent quality, but the expense is fairly low.


video camera for youtube

Another option that might not have crossed your mind is webcams. When you hear “webcam”, you probably automatically think of Zoom meetings. But that little camera in the center of your laptop can be used for so much more. Though they’re ideal for live streaming, you can definitely use them in place of a video camera for YouTube videos.

Literal Video Camera for YouTube

Camcorders aren’t just for your Uncle Victor to dust off and film your cousin’s wedding.

So, what are the benefits of a camcorder?

These don’t require a lot of additional investment in accessories (like external, interchangeable lenses) and they have features that others cameras lack. These are built to do the job at hand – and that’s record video.

The Canon XA55 is an excellent choice for a camcorder. Good low-light performance can be found on the XA55 – which has dual SD card slots and frame rates of 4K 60FPS (or 4K 30FPS) through the HDMI output.


When you think of DSLR cameras, you may picture a photographer camped out in the wild, waiting to capture the perfect shot. But DSLRs go way beyond that. Even though they can be a bit clunky with the big external lenses, the upside is you can choose the ones that work for what you need (be it for video footage or still photography).

Sony’s a7 III has fantastic autofocus (most DSLR models don’t come with an in-body image stabilization system!). This video camera for YouTube is a fan favorite amongst YouTubers, but it’s a pretty expensive option.

A less expensive option that comes up time and time again is the Sony ZV-1. Besides being a portable, compact camera, they have unlimited video recording and touchscreen LCD. Video enthusiasts love its versatility.

Point and Shoot

Remember the days when you had to carry around a phone and a camera as two separate devices? Seems like only yesterday… a misconception is point and shoot digital cameras are a bit antiquated. But depending on the model camera you get, they’re not.

The point and shoot is a less clunky alternative to the DSLR – there’s no need to go crazy spending money on extra lenses. And even though they’re at a lower price point, they’re not necessarily lower in image quality.

Canon’s Powershot G7X Mark III is a YouTubers dream. It not only has a mic input, but it can live stream directly to YouTube. Not to mention it’s possible to shoot 4K at 30 frames per second (FPS). And to ensure smooth footage, this lens has Optical Image Stabilization (OPI).


Mirrorless cameras (aka digital single-lens mirrorless) are fairly new to the scene.

In comparison to the DSLR, they’re much smaller and lighter. However, the biggest difference is that they have a single, removable lens and a digital display versus a reflex mirror (or optical viewfinder). The biggest selling point? They’re faster and ideal for video.

Fujifilm X-T4 is a weather-resistant mirrorless camera. If you’re looking for a video camera for YouTube and your channel is based outdoors, this could be the choice for you. The super slow-motion feature is especially nice! Even though there’s no headphone jack, the Bluetooth makes up for it.

Action Video Camera for YouTube

Do you want to have the best YouTube channel in the action-packed niche with the help of an action camera? Well, GoPros aren’t just for capturing a bodycam view of catching a gnarly wave anymore!

If you have the first or second-year GoPro, these probably won’t cut the mustard. But if you have a newer model, like the GoPro Hero 10, the quality and stabilization may surprise you. That said, the microphone isn’t really up to par, but there is a mic input with an adapter.

Microphone and Video Camera for YouTube

With every good camera, you need a good mic to complement the high-quality visuals.

Lapel Mics

Lapel mics are our top choice of external mics because they’re small enough to clip onto your shirt collar (or, as the name suggests, lapel). These are particularly useful if you’re walking around or filming in various locations (but unless your shirt has a collar, they can be tricky to attach!). These are easy enough to order at a decent price on Amazon.

Condenser Mics

The condenser microphone is designed to provide you with the clearest audio possible, but they don’t isolate sounds very well. If you're in a quiet studio with no outside noise, a condenser mic might be your best choice.

Whether you're looking for a new vlogger looking for the best vlogging camera, or need the best camera for filmmaking in full HD – it’s important to know what type of video you’ll be creating first before you do any type of investing.

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