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Emily Seibel - Video Success Manager Resident Life Saver

Every company has that person. You know, the one that is seemingly the glue that holds everything and everyone together? Meet ours.

Emily joined Levitate in 2020 as our Video Success Manager. Her behind-the-scenes job entailed assisting our Production Team with the millions of little tasks that are vitally important but can easily slip through the cracks. But it wasn’t long before Emily’s knack for organization and creating systems (and personality that could make even the biggest curmudgeon feel warm and fuzzy) expanded her role beyond the Production Team.

She became our onboarding manager; the first point of contact for every new hire, helping them meet the team, get settled in, and get started on training. She took a slightly haphazard process and perfected it into a seamless, consistent program worthy of emulation. She then extended her skills to Marketing, assisting with social media, newsletters, and client projects. And most recently, she added assisting the Sales Team, helping them with their own set of vitally important tasks that can easily pile up.

It’s easy to recognize a pattern in her multiple roles at Levitate, and that is HELP.

A reflection of more than just her operational, multi-tasking, on-top-of-it master skillset, but also a reflection of her genuine good nature and supportive personality.

I don’t think there is a person at Levitate who hasn’t said “couldn’t do it without you” to Emily, and it’s far from hyperbole. She truly is our resident life saver.

Read our Q&A with Emily below!

How did your Levitate journey begin?

My offer to join Levitate was extended in June 2020. It was a super volatile time in the early pandemic and everything felt extremely uncertain. Joining Levitate at that exact time provided such a stable environment and really opened the doors for growth by providing innumerous opportunities for development.

What do you find most rewarding about your role at Levitate?

Levitate is an incredible melting pot of people with sheer skill and creative talent. Levitate (and their leadership) has challenged me in more ways than I can say. I've been pushed out of my comfort zone, and tasked with opportunities to grow not just professionally, but personally. I've discovered in myself, a love for operational organization, and that ability has been fostered every step of the way.

Thinking back to June of 2020, I am not just three years older (sigh). I have three full years of non-stop experience across sales, production, operations, and human resources; All of which have been rewarding (albeit challenging too).

What's your favorite or most memorable video project @ Levitate?

I come from a big little city. Pittsburgh is a tight-knit community with deep roots in manufacturing, education, and technology, and has a bustling creative scene. My early career was spent at a company focused on e-retail and technology, so I love our videos focused on retail and apparel. But my favorite productions have been rooted in Pittsburgh. Whether it's with a new or existing client, a gritty-cool video like Hells Ink, or something as unique as a building site being fabricated in a trendy part of the city, I'm filled with hometown (and work) pride.

MarketTime B2B - InsideOut

Nogin - Overview

NVE Diablo Hell’s Ink Tour | Pittsburgh

Hyflex - VersaMax

What excites you, both personally and professionally?

I recently came across a video produced very early in my time at Levitate and viewed it against a current production of the same theme. I was so humbled by the evolution. While I don't have a direct hand in the creative at Levitate, it's clear that everyone who has been a part of Levitate (past and present) has made their mark, making the company what it has become today. So seeing the evolution of our productions has been absolutely amazing to watch.

From a personal perspective, I'm still rooting around stores for antiques and unique treasures- I've taken to rewiring lamps and scouring shops near and far for good oil paintings and portraits. And I'm always on the hunt for new restaurants to try. Old habits die hard ;)

A former brand and operations manager, Emily is our resident life saver - ensuring all systems and projects are in tip-top shape for producers and clients. Outside her home office in Pittsburgh, you’ll find Emily building her collection of antiques or scouting out new restaurants.