Levitate Limelight | Meet Your Video Partners

John Fragale - Partner & Employee #1

(We don't just mean one of our best; we actually mean Levitate's very first employee!)

Behind the scenes at a video production company, there are countless moving parts that must work together flawlessly. A Partner acts as a linchpin, keeping essential components strategically positioned for a smooth, successful outcome. This role requires a remarkable ability to wear many hats and is a cornerstone of creativity, collaboration, and seamless execution.

At Levitate Media, John Fragale is not only a linchpin, but he has the multiple hat-wearing skill down to an art. John has been with our company since 2011 and really was our first employee! His original position with us was as a Project Manager. Now, 12 years later, John serves as a Partner.

What is an essential aspect of John's dynamic contribution to Levitate Media? Helping to ensure that our clients walk away with both an excellent video and a fantastic experience. Working closely with the CEO, the sales team, and the marketing team, John plays a pivotal role in driving the success of our company.

*Check out the interview below to learn more about what makes John Fragale tick!*

What do you find most rewarding about your role at Levitate Media?

"In our DNA as a company, we're always working to be better than we were the day before, continuing to exceed our client's expectations and support their video needs."

How do you help bring out the best in your team?

"In a 100% remote work environment, it can be a little more difficult to get the most from your team because you are not working right next to them. Bringing out the best in them starts with having great training, onboarding, and mentorship with the company. I try to always make myself available, and am willing to roll up my sleeves and help anyone on my team."

Other ways John sets his employees up for success:

  • Letting them know how to do their role
  • Explaining the goals and business outcomes of their role
  • Providing ongoing training

What's your favorite or most memorable video project at Levitate?

Linden Labs / Second Life - A virtual 3D world created by its users.

“We started talking about this project in January of 2020 and closed the deal around May of 2020. We filmed that summer. This was one of our larger productions to date and included about a week on-site, with extensive make-up, set design, and graphics. We navigated the early Covid world and produced one of our best pieces of content!”

Linden Labs/Second Life | Levitate Media Production 2020

Behind the Scenes | Linden Labs/Second Life

What advice would you offer someone new to video production?

"In my opinion, one of the most important elements of video production is understanding who your audience for the video is, what your end goals are, and how video helps get you there. Once you focus on that, you can craft the video to have the largest impact on your target audience and achieve the business outcome you're looking for."

Any advice for aspiring leaders in the industry?

"Focus on adding value to your customer. Always keep your focus on how you solve a pain point or how you can help your client achieve their business goals/outcomes. Also, in the media world, technology moves quickly. It's essential to stay up with the trends and not fight them."

What makes you proud, both personally and professionally?

"I'm a father of a 4-year-old, and being her dad is the ultimate job and the one I'm most proud of. I love being able to see her learn new things and engage in activities with her that I used to love to do as a kid- like watching old kids' movies, singing songs, being creative, and getting outdoors to explore the Bay Area.

Professionally, the two things I'm most proud of are our diversification of style in animated videos and the expansion into live video productions."

John Fragale lives in San Francisco with his family, where you may find him playing basketball and biking the hills. In addition to his love of sports, John enjoys music and, most importantly, being a husband and father.