Why Your Videos Need to be Better for 2024/Common Mistakes to watch out for.

A few brand video stats...

Did you know that 54 percent of your customers expect branded video communication and content? What’s more, 55 percent of your audience prefers to consume brand video content instead of reading content.

Further, video traffic currently accounts for about 63 percent of mobile data traffic, which is set to increase to 79 percent by the end of this year. Those are some big increases!

Below are the reasons why you should improve your brand videos and some expensive video marketing mistakes that could hurt your bottom line.

Why Should You Improve Your Videos Communication?

video communications

Given the trends, brand video marketing in 2024 offers you a great opportunity to develop strong relationships with your ideal clients. People respond to video as it offers the human element they seek while enabling your prospects to get to know you more.

For your marketing videos to be effective in 2024, you need to make them stand out because:

  • Your current competitors have realized the value of creating videos, which is why you should work on improving the quality of videos you release to stand out in the crowded space.
  • A great video provides you with an instant holistic, personal, and engaging connection with your customers – faster than with written copy. This means your prospects take you seriously and realize that you are in a certain space offering a solution to their problems.
  • Using a brand video helps and shows your audience that your brand keeps with the times. Customers appreciate up-to-date businesses because they are still relevant.
  • Google algorithms are prioritizing websites that have video content. Adding videos to your site helps increase click-through rates, reduce bounce rates, and helps create quality backlinks. While a video alone is high-impact, the real magic occurs when you combine it with excellent content and SEO.
  • Marketing videos are versatile so you can share your videos across multiple platforms in places your customers and prospects go on a daily basis. Further, you can create explainer content, interview videos, product reviews, demo videos, and even live videos.
  • Instead of reading some extensive copy or filling out endless forms, even the most dismissive audience will notice your brand video content. Further, your target audience can embed, share, engage, and comment on your video content, offering effortless engagement and an instant call to action.

Common Video Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

marketing mistakes

In 2021, video marketing is no longer something ‘extra’ or something ‘to dabble in. It’s an essential component of a marketing and brand strategy that is now commonplace for the majority of companies online. To maximize brand video ROI, here are some common video communication mistakes to watch out for:

  • Ignoring the significance video has on your overall marketing strategy
  • Jumping head-first into creating your marketing video without a clear strategy of how it lines up with your brand’s strategy
  • Treating the video as a sales pitch and selling too hard
  • Failing to include a clear call-to-action
  • Prioritizing the video quality over the sound production
  • Using a one-size-fits-all video for all platforms. Remember, different platforms cater to different audiences and have different format and length requirements
  • Catching your audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds of the video is paramount to ensuring your message is heard.

Before jumping into video marketing, you should take a step back and revisit your strategy. A brand video has a critical role to play, but it requires planning, time, patience, and lots of testing to get it right.

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