Tell the story of your brand, product, or company with a scripted live action video. At Levitate Media, we’ve mastered the craft of live production. From broadcast commercials to customer testimonials - live action is the best choice for any project big or small. Our seasoned producers can make your project happen anywhere in the country. Starting with meticulous planning and goal setting, we’re dedicated to crafting videos from stellar concepts.

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Live-Action Process


Our producers will begin by forming a project brief to understand your objectives for your video. We’ll craft the perfect creative direction for your video, then assess the timing and resources needed for your project. This can include the filming location, production schedule, talent, scripting, shotlists, storyboards, and more.


This encompasses the actual filming of your video! We’ll work with our crew, equipment, and talent to bring your vision to life.

Post Production

We’ll begin the process of assembling your video. This starts with a transcription or initial edit of the footage to get a sense of the overall direction. Once we receive approval we’ll begin adding graphics and effects until your video is ready for delivery!

Final Delivery!

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