How to Keep Promoting Your Business with Video During a Pandemic

The answer is video.

Video During a Pandemic

Video is More Important Now than Ever

With more and more people modifying their work styles and practicing social distancing, creating pandemic videos are the leading form of content that allows people to see you, hear you, and know your brand safely.

Many wonder how capturing video footage is possible at a time like this;  And we have a solution- remote filming.

Remote/Virtual Filming

Levitate’s remote capture solutions enable our Production team to simultaneously capture footage of up to 8 individuals, all in different locations (and in up to full HD resolution). This filming style enables our producers to remotely direct, shoot and prepare the interviewees, providing all pre-production work virtually. We’ll confirm the audio, lighting, background, and technical video details;  making remote filming a great option for those looking to pre-produce content for virtual events, capture testimonials, and more.

Repurposing Old Footage

Many benefits come with repurposing unused photos and videos to tell your story in new, creative ways in. Some of the biggest benefits are:

  • Improving your brand/ website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Increasing your video and page views to keep your target audience involved
  • Distributing content across more channels
  • Stretching out the life of old content
  • Keeping employees up to date on training and process

So, how can you remix old footage into new content?

Have you recently or within the past few years captured a couple of corporate photography headshots and some candids around your office?

If so, at the basic level, video is a series of still images pieced together. This means you can easily remix photos and create some interesting 5 to 10-second videos for distribution through your social pages.

Depending on the product, still images can also be very effective. Consider the following example by GoArmy where photos were remixed into an 8-second looped LinkedIn ad.

Existing unused video footage

While working on video projects, most companies interview people in their organization, but not all footage makes it past the editing stage. Providing enough material to go through and review raw footage can make creating a video for your company simple and streamlined.

Are there any previous interviews you have captured in storage? If so, we have some ideas:

  • Consider transcribing your audio and video. You may realize that you can come up with several content pieces from already existing footage.
  • Create short-form content that was left from another project. This can be used for sharing or adding content to your Facebook and YouTube channels. Examples include this Robert Half video and this Marathon Health video.

Finally, you can also add nostalgic value to your brand by pulling out VHS footage or commercials from your vault and digitizing them. By creating a “then” and “now” script that shows how your brand has evolved is a sure way to highlight that your business is a trusted brand with a long history.

We know this is a challenging time and that industries are being tasked to think outside the box.  So we ask you- how can Levitate help keep you developing new content?If you would like more information on how Levitate can support any upcoming video development needs contact us at or us at (800) 820.6962 so we can create something together