Video Production for Internal Communications, Quarterly Updates, & Investor Relations

Elevate your Internal Communications with the Power of Video

Struggling to effectively communicate internally?

Quarterly or Monthly Video Updates
Inform & Inspire your Employees & Stakeholders.
Internal Communications
Transform data and reports on key initiatives into visually compelling narratives.
Investor Relations
Make an impactful connection sharing your vision, financial performance, & growth roadmap.

Why Video Production for Internal Communications?

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Production Quality & Brevity

Zoom fatigue anyone? Lengthy and un-engaging all-hands Zoom or Teams meetings are not the best way to share company updates. Things can be missed and there is risk with live updates. Video is an effective communication channel but the content needs to be created with the consumer in mind. We can help you get your key points across more clearly in less time.

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Cadence & Accountability

By establishing a regular schedule to publish your company updates - your leaders and employees will be focused and accountable to hitting milestones, metrics, and achieving key objectives to continuously grow and drive the business forward.

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Video Expertise & Specialization

We act as an extension of your in-house video and marketing team. As an established Video Production company Levitate Media has specialized knowledge and expertise in creating quality video - live, remote record, and animation. We understand the nuances of video production, storytelling, and communication strategies.

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Remote Recording
Monthly or Quarterly Company Updates
Internal Communications
Important Info & Company News
Investor Relations
Mission, Vision, & Strategic Plan

How It Works (6-Month Program)

Discovery and Needs Assessment

Start with a kickoff and discovery phase to understand internal communication objectives, identify specific video requirements and upcoming calendar priorities. Identify quick wins and best place to start.

Roadmap & Concept Development

Collaborate to develop engaging video concepts and craft compelling scripts to align with messaging goals, key objectives, and company culture. Create a forward-looking quarterly and annual roadmap.

Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production (with revisions)

Execute the production process, including animation or live video shooting, editing, sound design, and other post-production tasks, ensuring high-quality visuals and seamless storytelling.

Delivery & Feedback

Deliver the completed videos in the desired format, ensuring timely and efficient distribution to the customer's internal communication channels.

Review and Upcoming Priorities (Monthly)

Conduct reviews to gather feedback, and plan and scope upcoming priorities, such as additional video projects, content updates, or strategies to optimize the impact of the videos on employee engagement and communication goals.

Final Delivery!

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