Video for the Technology Market
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Animated Video


Your solution may be able to benefit from the simplified style of 2D animation. We’re able to develop fun and engaging productions using our expert illustrators and audio team.

Motion Graphics


Videos using motion graphics provide clear components for important tech services and solutions. Through detailed transitions and kinetic text, we help our clients grow new demand.


Cornerstone @ NM

Who loves you more than your clients do? Give them a voice through high-quality video testimonials. We’ll partner with you to develop and deploy these important statements.

Solution Demos


How long does it take to show what your solution actually does? Levitate breaks down your key functionality and value into a clear vision of how your user interface works.

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Levitate Media

Develops captivating video for the technology market. We help companies demonstrate their solutions more easily.

Our productions are used on websites, during sales presentations, and at industry events to educate the marketplace and build more demand.