Video Ads: The Smart Solution to Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time

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Have you noticed that video ads are everywhere today? Wondering why?

2020 brought about massive change to all aspects of life, both personal and professional.

For marketing professionals, this shift has permanently altered the business landscape for just about every industry. The businesses that will not only survive but thrive in the wake of this tumultuous changing landscape are those that consistently review their current strategies and make the necessary adjustments.

But amidst these challenges is a massive opportunity for businesses who are up to the task. Take advantage of these opportunities, and you might discover innovative new media trends and actionable strategies to reach your target audience in deeper and more meaningful ways than ever before.

One of these opportunities is video ads.

Keep reading to learn more about advertising strategies that shift along with consumer behavior, where to focus your paid ad efforts, and whether video ads like Facebook videos and Connect TV ads, are right for your business in today’s market.

Advertising that Evolves with Consumer Behavior

As consumers adapt, they will likely adopt many of these lifestyle changes permanently. So it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to develop an advertising strategy that anticipates these permanent shifts in consumer behavior.

Businesses operating in eCommerce today have increased opportunities to drive sales from both new and existing customers.


By promoting brand awareness and clearly communicating your unique value proposition.

Benefits of Video Ads

video ads

Facebook's increased push to video is undeniable. 15% of all Facebook content is video. We can learn a lot from the results of Facebook video ads. For example, although landscape video is the most common video format on Facebook, vertical content is quickly becoming the most engaging.

Another Facebook video ad performance takeaway is that it’s not always enough to create an engaging video. The content of the video means nothing if your target audience doesn’t press play and engage with it. So it makes sense to craft an interest-grabbing description to drive engagement.

Sure, users like to watch video, but the real allure for those taking advantage of video ads comes from the increased ability to:

  • Hyper-target your audience
  • Effectively communicate your offering
  • Personalize your brand
  • Clarify your unique value proposition
  • Repurpose content

Plus, you don’t have to build every video from scratch. You can make on-screen, audio, and script adjustments to existing videos in order to repurpose them and drive the return on investment from your ad spend.

Demand for corporate video is increasing year over year as departments outside of marketing are recognizing new valuable ways to use it.

The companies that will win in the end are those that respond to shifts in consumer behavior by building a collective of internal and external resources to address evolving demand.

Larger organizations will benefit from incorporating a variety of video styles that can be viewed by a global audience. When seeking solutions, be sure to find a provider that can deliver a comprehensive and on-demand production offering that works very well with your additional internal and external video staff and contractors.

And remember, Facebook video ads are not the only option out there.

Expanding Beyond Facebook Video Ads

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If you are not using video or only using Facebook video ads, you’re missing a significant marketing opportunity. Rapidly expanding marketing channels like Over the Top and Connected TV can effectively share your value proposition and engage your target audience where they normally and regularly consume content.

The industry is currently abuzz with the opportunities video ads can provide. Unfortunately, few businesses are properly leveraging these opportunities.

Over the Top & Connected TV Advertising


Over the Top (OTV) and Connected TV (CTV) devices are two additional video ad options. But unlike traditional TV advertising, often called Linear TV, where viewers watch a TV show on its original channel at its original time or even recorded via DVR, the new options operate very differently.

OTT delivers video content directly from the internet without the need for users to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite provider. Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and Amazon Prime are a few examples of OTT.

CTV, on the other hand, is internet-connected television. Unlike older television technology, CTV works with numerous devices, including:

  • Apple TVs
  • Smart TVs
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Tivo and Roku devices
  • Gaming consoles like PlayStation and X-Box

You have probably identified a few devices you already own on the list. CTV ads boast incredible market permeation, making it extremely appealing for companies looking to drive brand recognition with a very specific target audience.

A CTV is a device that connects to—or is embedded in—a television to support video content streaming.

The rise of CTV and OTT has resulted in a phenomenon known as cord-cutting, where customers cancel their traditional cable and satellite subscriptions and only use these streaming or video on demand (VOD) formats.

CTV ads are purchased programmatically and shown on OTT devices, mobile, or via computer streaming.

Are CTV Video Ads Right for Your Business?

Before jumping into video ads, it’s always wise to become informed. Clearly identifying your business objectives will help you determine if CTV ads are the correct option.

With OTT and CTV advertising, your business will be able to engage viewers and expand your reach beyond that of traditional Linear TV ads (i.e. cable, satellite, and antenna).

If your target audience includes millennials and tech-natives, CTV ads will reach those innovative and progressive cord-cutters who refuse to pay for standard cable or satellite services.

The rise of OTT and CTV viewership provides more options for businesses to engage the right audience at the right time. It’s like the best of both worlds – the targeting precision of digital with the high impact of dedicated TV viewership.

CTV business

Connected TV Ad Options

CTV advertising is best used to complement your other digital ad buys or as an extension of traditional TV buys.

The more laid-back promotional experience of CTV ads can appeal to your target audience in a different way than other digital marketing strategies. The user is enjoying related video content and might be more open to new brands and new experiences.

Connect TV ad-options include:

  • In-streaming video ads – These are non-skippable 15 to 30-second ads that play before or during the show. Place these ads in such a way that viewers must watch them before consuming the program.
  • Interactive pre-roll ads – Pre-roll ads feature embedded rich media that reveal more when users click or rollover an ad while pausing the show. Consider offering a discount code or coupon for a new product.
  • Home screen placement – With this option, an ad shows up in the user’s app once they open the app. Additional content is then displayed within the app when a user clicks on the ad. Use a “Learn More” CTA button that vies for attention for a few seconds before the program begins.

How to Create a Compelling Connected TV ad

Create unforgettable video ads for Connected TV using these tips:

  • Capture the viewer’s attention within the first 5 seconds using sonic or visual cues.
  • Leverage silence for a few seconds before you begin delivering the message.
  • Acknowledge the interruption by saying, “Hey, I know you are binge-watching your favorite TV show right now…”
  • Understand the platform you’re using, the ad buy you’re making, and the demographic you’re targeting. Then incorporate the appropriate style, language, and tone accordingly.
  • Monitor your ads just like you would do with any other digital strategy. Set your objectives, metrics, and key performance indicators. Plan, launch, and track the campaign. Evaluate and adjust as necessary or double down on what’s working.
  • Iterate. After you evaluate the campaign’s performance, you’ll be ready to launch another video ad. Think about what can be done better each time.
  • Last, never speak down to the audience. This audience is a highly tech-evolved audience, so don’t mention things like, “Visit our website at W-W-W DOT…” They can google your business. They get it.

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